Dungeons and Dragons: The Eye of the Beholder

“The Eye of the Beholder”,
is a quest that sends the Dungeons and Dragons party of heroes to the Valley of the Beholder where a foul, evil monster awaits them.  Only by defeating the monster will they have find their way home.  It is a story about the good in courage and the shame of cowards.


On a bright hot day without any shade, the heroes walk underneath four bright suns.  Taking a rest, Hank reminds everyone that Dungeon Master instructed them to head towards the setting suns.  While Eric attempts to start an argument, Uni starts digging before getting frightened by a giant scorpion.  Too big to fight, Hank leads his friends to the safety of rocky passageway.

Unknown to them, they are spotted by Sir John, a knight in armor who happened to be taking a stroll.  It is clear that Sir John has no courage and finds shelter from the scorpion.  Bad luck would have it, he gets the attention of a giant, blue dragon! Sir John’s poor judgement has him cowering his head into the dirt as the giant scorpion and dragon combat.  The blue dragon breathes lighting, scares the scorpion away, and pursues it leaving Sir John safely behind.  Bobby and the others walk out and see only Sir John and give him adulation for scaring the scorpion away.  After introducing himself, Sir John strolls away alone leaving the children behind.  This is where Dungeon Master appears from behind a boulder.

He sends the heroes on a quest to find a way back to their home world.  They must visit a sad and desolate land to the east, known as the Valley of the Beholder and defeat it.  Once, it was the most beautiful valley of the realm before a foul and evil beast, known as the Beholder, destroyed everything of beauty.  Dungeon Master drops a couple of riddles and disappears.  Hank solves one riddle by interpreting their meeting with Sir John as the key to defeat the monster.  They turn to the village of Pendrake set behind a forest of giant mushrooms.

Unfortunately, the village of Pendrake had enough of Sir John’s cowardly manner and decide to fire him during a public hearing.  However, Sir John begs for the sake of his son.  The mayor grants him one chance to show an act of bravery and Sir John marches out of town.  Meanwhile, the children make their way through the mushroom forest but are captured by giant snails.   Uni manages to escape and bumps into Sir John on his way to find something courageous to do.

Uni runs into Sir John carrying his torch but is unable to convince him to follow her to the snails.  Uni steals Sir John’s torch and drops it in the middle of the snail’s camp.  Following Uni, Sir John picks up the torch before noticing he is surrounded by giant snails.  He blindly swings torch and unknowingly scares the snails to their caves.  The children crawl out of their sacks and again credit Sir John for their rescue, at the chagrin of Uni.

Diana gives Sir John a flower and a kiss as a sign of their gratitude and ask him to take him to the Beholder.  Sir John tries to talk himself out by making an excuse that he is without his shield.  But Presto conjures a trash can lid to replace it.  He reluctantly agrees and leads the group to the valley to find the Beholder.  During their quest, Hank and others begin to question Sir John’s bravery when he is unable to come up with a plan and ditches the children to scout ahead without them.

Alone, Sir John meets Venger.  Venger tells he has kidnapped his boy, Timothy, and wants Sir John to lead the children to the Beholder and leave them there.  Sir John is too ashamed to show such cowardice but relents to do Venger’s bidding to save his son.  He runs back to find the children and rushes them ahead to find the Beholder.  Sir John leads them to the passage and ditches them there to the much disappointment.  In little time, the group meets the Beholder and realizes they are in over their heads with it.  Venger meets up with Sir John, gives back his son, and flies away to retrieve the children’s weapons after the Beholder finishes them.  But Timothy hears the children’s cries and Sir John finds the courage to go save them.

“For only beauty can defeat the eye of the beholder.”

With the children unable to fight, Sir John confronts the Beholder showing courage to the last moment before he will be eaten by the monster.   Diana cracks Dungeon Master’s riddle and tells Sir John to show it his flower.  The Beholder shrieks and melts while a portal to the amusement park appears.

While the children step into the portal, Venger returns and is very upset with Sir John.  He attacks Sir John and his boy and the knight has nothing more than a trash can lid to protect them both.  The children, including Eric, forego returning home and rescue Sir John and Timothy.  When things look most bleak, Eric jumps in front of Venger’s blast of energy with his shield and reflects it back to Venger.  Venger is sent away, trapped in a magical sphere of his own making.  Beauty returns to the valley with quickly blooming flowers and vegetation.  The group has a laugh at Eric’s expense before Sir John leads them to Pendrake in triumph.

The Quest

The children must destroy the Beholder to open up a passageway home.

Sir John with this son, Timothy. He is the official protector of the village of Pendrake and battler of beasts, dragons, and demons.

The Mayor of Pendrake has impatience of cowardly knights who fail to protect his voters.

Monsters and villains

Giant Scorpion and the biggest bug Eric has ever seen.

Blue Dragon, capable of lightning breath.

Giant Snails are able to shoot webs out of their antennas. They walk around with giant bags to carry their meals in.

The Beholder is from the Underworld, hating and destroying anything beautiful.

Things you may have missed watching

#1: Eric went on “safari” in their backyard and was saved by calling his dad on his walkie-talkie and saved by the gardener.

#2: Sir John and his son have been exiled from villages before due to cowardice and leaving citizens unprotected.

#3: Sir John easily recognizes and identifies Venger.

#4: While many asked, we never know how or who sent Venger away in the magical sphere.

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