Scooby Doo: The Fast the and Wormious

The Enduro-Slam 5000 comes to Mexico!
Fred and Mystery Inc. compete in the grueling, 24-hour off-road race.  But a giant worm and its cult followers put the race in jeopardy.  Can cultists, the environment, and racing co-exist?  From What’s New, Scooby Doo? comes “The Fast and Wormious”.

The villain, mystery, and the technology

The Gusano Grande, doesn’t like gas-guzzlers ruining its desert landscape.

How to impress Velma in Mexico.

A tarp-covered off-road vehicle with black glass.

Gibby Norton, unmasked by meddling off-road racers.

Trivia and curiosities

The Enduro-Slam 5000 is televised from its desert location in Mexico.

Shaggy’s vegetarian diet includes bowls of beans from a gas station.

The really dangerous is not Gibby’s worm but the cultists unable to distinguish reality from worm fiction.

Final thoughts

“The Fast and the Wormious” pays humorous homage to both The Fast and the Furious and Tremors.  Other than that its an episode that’s off the rails.  Once upon a time, Scooby Doo would try to explain how the special effects were pulled off.  They didn’t bother to mention how a giant homemade tarp-mobile could dig underground at breakneck speeds.  Oh well, its just a cartoon.

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