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At long last,
what the world have long waited for, the third Thor standalone movie.  Seriously, this is the third Thor standalone movie and completes a trilogy along side Captain America and Iron Man.  How will this trilogy end and will it equal the the previous two?  Here are a few short words about Thor: Ragnarok.

The trailers before the movie
Pacific Rim Uprising, Black Panther, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Justice League

Trouble is afoot in paradise known as Asgard.  But where is mighty Thor?  He’s been captured on a junk planet holding gladiator games.  His first opponent is the Incredible Hulk? Meanwhile, at Asgard where an evil villainous, Hela, is looking to take the throne.

Spoilers below.

Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok immediately makes known this is a character reboot from the opening.  There’s more humor.  Thor doesn’t take himself too seriously.  And comeuppance is abound.  What I liked best about it first act are the many mini stories, the rise or fall of characters especially if its to the music of Led Zepplin.

The first act is a story about Thor, the mystery behind Loki (pretty much given up in the trailers), and the search for Odin.  With a cameo by Doctor Strange, Waititi takes us far from the stoic, stilted stories that belittled the first Thor films.  It’s fast paced universe with a direction close, too close, to Guardians of the Galaxy.

The second act is two stories.  First, the introduction of Hela and her antics in Asgard.  Second is the Thor’s adventures on a junk planet where he meets the Grandmaster hilariously played by Jeff Goldblum.  Thor battles and teams with the Hulk / Bruce Banner while finding his way to return to Asgard before its too late.

The third act is your paint-by-the-numbers, Marvel CGI spectacle.  Large spaceships, large monsters, followed by larger monsters, explosions, and cataclysm.  I won’t say I was disappointed.  But the merits of the film is defined by the first two acts.

At the time of the posting, its Rotten Tomatoes score was 92%.  Most critics loved the change of direction, the pace, and humor.  Those who didn’t, seem to think Ragnarok mocked the seriousness of the MCU or expected a story with character arcs and development.  In hindsight, Thor: Ragnarok is a mash up of clever, colorful scenes and video game story telling.  There is no character growth unless you want to count Valkyrie giving up drinking for a scene to join the last, epic fight.

I went to see Thor: Ragnarok to be entertained.  I was not disappointed.

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