Scooby Doo: 5 things you may have missed watching “Big Appetite in Little Tokyo”

It’s more than a Godzilla story,
it’s about spirits and corporate conspiracies!  Read about the Easter eggs buried in the episode paying homage to Japanese monster movies.  It’s 5 things you may have missed watching “Big Appetite in Little Tokyo” from What’s New, Scooby Doo?

Number 1: The Ancient One is never explained

Well before the gang and Professor Pomfrit arrive in Japan, Dr. Akira Onodera has a vision of The Ancient One.  It makes its demands to stifle modernization.   None of his appearances were explained, even the later ones.  While we can presume Pomfrit projected a false Ancient One (coincidentally as Akira had envisioned him) later in the episode, nothing credible can rationalize the early appearance.  Did Akira may have had an out-of-body experience, something expected for someone visionary and way ahead of his time?

Number 2: Akira Onodara’s nefarious plot is discovered

While Onodara’s vision was never told, it is seen.  This advanced factory had one purpose, to mass produce humanoid-looking robots, seemingly by the thousands.  How many human employees did you happen to notice?  Was it an android army or a new generation of robot workers that will displace millions overnight?  Even the Ancient One describes them as “metal monstrosities”.  Perhaps Akira’s had a conflict of conscience and paused the advancement of artificially intelligent beings, if only temporarily.

Number 3: The gang is wanted, anime style

One of the clever things to notice is how the gang is “drawn” on the Japanese news.  True to the anime style, our beloved heroes come with large eyes and tiny noses.

Number 4: 30-Foot Shaggy’s true crime

Professor’s Pomfrit’s plan to punish the progress of Akira’s plant is the least of his legal problems.  The real crime comes with devastating the village including a few attempts to stomp the life out of people.  This poor village will suffer economic hardships and chronic homelessness for months, if not years.

Number 5: Myth and superstition wins

While Pomfrit will experience life in a Japanese prison, the original Ancient One wins the day.  Onodera will not go ahead with his expansion plans.  After he and the village suffers damage well into the millions, the economic boon the area desperately needs will not happen.  Akira would rather listen to the voices in his head while many descend  into a life of poverty.  At least his androids will have something to do.

If there is no Ancient One, then who destroyed the display?



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