Scooby Doo: Big Appetite in Little Tokyo

In “Big Appetite in Little Tokyo”,
Velma wins a trip for her and her friends to Japan.  Thanks to an age-appropriate invention, the dog-bot, she gets a VIP tour of Japan’s most advanced robotics factory.  But in the land of the rising sun, comes a terrible creature of such scale it threatens the traditions of the simple, Japanese life.  From the first episode of its second season of What’s New, Scooby Doo? comes “Big Appetite in Little Tokyo”.

The villain, mystery, and the technology

The Ancient One is a spirit of unexplained origin. It appears when unhappy about new construction plans. 30 Foot Shaggy is an abomination resulting from the Ancient One’s curse to destroy high-tech factories.

Destroying an advanced, ahead-of-its-time robotics factory out of spite and jealously.

A rubber suit, a miniature city set in a movie studio, and advanced, large scale robotics.

Professor Pomfrit, revealed, apprehended, and underpaid.

Trivia and curiosities

The gang visits Japan and one of its robotics factory.

Shaggy’s vegetarian diet gets its fill of sushi.  Occasional bread, fruit, and a cursed pizza are also consumed.

Final thoughts

While the title is a parody of “Big Trouble in Little China”, its really a play on Godzilla, the oversized Japanese monster itself. Take away the cultural references and skits, “Big Appetite”, is an episode of unanswered mysteries that could have been told in six minutes.  The technologies are beyond audacious that rivals Dynomutt, Dog Wonder.  It is fast-paced with good comedic timing.  It’s just the mystery that’s lacking.

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