Survivalist guide to Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 3-D, Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags rolls out their newest dark ride,
Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 3-D, to many of their parks.  We finally revisit our home state favorite, Six Flags over St. Louis to the ride that replaced the iconic and beloved Scooby Doo Ghostblasters.  Join the Justice League and get in line.

The Hall of Justice curiously resembles a bureaucratic building with his marble-like walls and lines of confused citizens.  Its dystopian banners borders between social awareness and unquestioned propaganda.  The few monitors post a live broadcast of Metropolis under siege by Lex Luthor and The Joker.

Almost no one pays real attention to the animated broadcast.  Its production quality is disturbingly poor.  The line moves at a crawl and there is little other to stare at the telecast and try to make sense why you’re here.  The first grand hall will lead around the corner to a second smaller hall.  There’s nothing special about the room other than a couple other monitors.


Climbing steps out of the second hall, you’ll approach the launching pad.  On your left, you’ll get a speech from animatronic Cyborg.  I don’t know what’s he saying but his presence is pretty impressive for a Six Flags production.




When you near the launching dock, you’ll understand why the lines moves at a crawl.  The roving gondolas, while do not stop, are few and far between.  They seat six and you will be assigned to crawl into them while in motion.  If you’re standing with the commoners, you’ll see the Flash Pass elites getting priority seating.  Make sure you grabbed your 3-D glasses.

Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 3-D is a fun house ride with practical effects and 3-D screens.  The gondola moves through different rooms some with practical effects, moving props, and flames.  You’ll race, spin, and circle in front of giant 3-D projectors where you take your blaster and fire at enemy objects.  You’ll see your fired projectiles on the screen which is a neat user interaction experience.  The ride finishes with the heroes of the Hall of Justice thanking you and posting the riders’ score.  The gondola finishes where it started and you’ll voluntarily hand over your glasses.

As for critiquing the ride; there are two reviews.  One for those who’ve made Six Flags over St. Louis they’re favorite theme park who would see a flawless ride.  And a second for those accustomed to Disneyland and Universal Studios who experienced what I had during my turn defending Metropolis.

For long-time fans of Six Flags St. Louis, this is a ride for the 21st century.  It’s a cinematic themed audio-visual delight.  It’s a fun house, little different than the rides before it only more modern and daring with a blend of old fashioned physical scares, dangerous fire, and 3-D projections.  One would hope this is the first of many that will upgrade the park into a mid-west rival of Universal Studios, if not Disneyland, even if it may take a hundred years.

Unfortunately, my ride finished flat.  The final 3-D action projection went dark leaving only a blurry smudge.  We sat in the quiet gondola for its final minute before returning.  The ride is supposed to rival Universal Studio’s Transformers: The Ride.  It doesn’t come close.  Universal seems to invested more into its own queue line than the entire Battle for Metropolis ride.

The Scooby Doo ride holds a special place in my heart because of its nostalgia.  However, Battle for Metropolis is a good step, a good leap for the park.  Some theme rides in the park, like the Batman and Mr. Freeze coasters, only have a Gotham facade.  There isn’t anything about the ride itself that makes it D.C. or a super-hero experience.  Better than others than do no more than re-brand old, even ancient, attractions.  Battle for Metropolis is a D.C. themed ride, inside and out.  For a fleeting moment, you can pretend you stepped into a comic-book world.

The ride exits through the gift shop, obviously.


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