Scooby Doo: The Unnatural

It’s baseball season!
The gang gets an on-the-field experience when Fred gets to meet home run king, Luis Santiago.  Under great emotional pressure, Santiago is haunted by the Baseball Specter.  Will Luis break the record?  Will the specter break him?  From What’s New, Scooby Doo? its “The Unnatural”.   Go Grizzlies!

The villain, mystery, and the technology

The ghost of Cab Craig returns as the Baseball Specter to protect his vaulted home run record.  A home run slugger turns to flaming fastballs in the afterlife.

Will Luis Santiago break Cab Craig’s home run record that had stood for years?

Flaming fastballs pickled in kerosene.

Bob Taylor, unmasked.

Trivia and curiosities

Cookie Co. International Park where Potter Stadium lies underneath.

Shaggy’s vegetarian diet includes just about everything a modern ballpark has to offer, sans meat.


Luis Santiago, on the verge of being crowned the new home run king, goes into a slump at the end of the season.

Mike Piazza makes a cameo appearance.

Final thoughts

As a baseball fan, I enjoyed this episode.  It captures much atmosphere of baseball from the concession stand, jumbo-tron, to the organ music.  With many suspects, mystery returns to Mystery Inc.  Hidden deep in the episode are prophetic warnings about the excesses of professional baseball and cookie cutter parks.  Burying the sport’s legacy underneath a tower of corporate branding, concessions symbolizing gluttony, and the quest for fame and accolades leaving the lower class in its shadows.

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