Scooby Doo: Shaggy’s Showdown

Shaggy and the gang,
take a trip to dude ranch and tourist trap.  Unknown to Shaggy, his family past comes back to haunt him.  And he may not make it through the night!  Nervous, armed inhabitants are looking to shoot at anything resembling Shaggy.  It’s another mystery to save Shaggy, his family’s name, and a dying tourist town falling victim to real estate speculators.  It’s “Shaggy’s Showdown.

The villain, the mystery, and the technology

The Ghost of Dapper Jack Rogers, haunts the tourist town of Sorghum City. A violent gunslinger with flaming six-shooters, he terrorizes tourists while smelling bad.

The Black Rattler Management company conspires to buy property on the cheap.

Boric acid guns shoot green flames while a tiny projector underneath the rim of a cowboy hat gives the ghost its skull face.

Kyle, posing as the Ghost of Dapper Jack and Rafe, as the real estate speculator. Both are apprehended.

Facts and curiosities

The gang visits Crazy Q Ranch in Sorghum City, the home of Dapper Jack.

Chris, from What’s New Scooby Doo episode “Roller Ghoster Ride”, makes a cameo. Though her shirt changes color, she wears the same choker necklace and dark bracelets on her right arm.

Velma’s least favorite font, the El Kabong, is homage to another Hanna-Barbera character, Quick Draw McGraw.

Final thoughts

“Shaggy’s Showdown” is a Shaggy movie.  Even Scooby Doo takes a backseat to our always-hungry, chin-haired hero.  The dude ranch, is an occasional backdrop of Scooby Doo where we get to see cowboys, castle rustling, and western-era phantoms.  Rather than playing up the nostalgia of yesteryear, where desert towns are far from the comforts of technology, the movie goes out of its way to remind there is no escape from the Internet, live streaming, and likes.  This is where the direct-to-video is a disappointment.  To keep the attention of the attention-deficit, “Shaggy’s Showdown” pauses to worship the false gods of Buddy G’s “intraweb”.  The production concedes it can’t give first attention to a mystery and rather glue cartoon characters to their tablets and phones.

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