The Andy Griffith Show: Barney Fife’s first appearance

We celebrate Barney Fife’s arrival in Mayberry,
who made his entrance in The Andy Griffith Show‘s first episode, “The New Housekeeper”.

In the episode’s second scene,
Barney Fife steps in from behind the garage and greets Andy with a salute.  We learn he’s new to the job, an army veteran, and a cousin of Andy’s.  The rapport between the two is one, very long take.  If it wasn’t for one subtle cut, it would have been even longer.  The uninterrupted cut works to the episode’s advantage.  It efficiently introduces Barney and the relationship between he and Andy and it does it with simplicity fitting for the world of Mayberry.

“Shucks, Andy, I want to do good on this job.” – Barney Fife.

Thank you, reliable Barney!


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