The Andy Griffith Show: 5 stories that crossed episodes

Back-to-back sequels,
is not something you think of watching The Andy Griffith Show.  A common theme, setting, or story stung across multiple episodes is something more for television dramas.  We’re listing 5 stories that carried on to at least one more following episodes.  Two of our list are from the classic, black and white years.  For the purpose of this article, we’re not counting the last four episodes of season eight, the prelude that spunoff Mayberry R.F.D..

#1: Andy’s broken hand

The story goes that Andy Griffith, in a fit of rage, punched a wall and broke his hand.  Keeping true to production schedule, they worked Griffith’s hand into the second season script of “Aunt Bee the Warden”, blaming violent moonshiners for the sheriff’s injury.  Andy’s cast was visible in the next episode, “The County Nurse”.  Andy tells Mary his hand is healing fine.

#2 The carnival

Visiting Mayberry during the last two episodes of season 5, the carnival makes back-to-back appearances in “Opie and the Carnival” and “Banjo-playing deputy”.  In both episodes, the sheriff threatened to shut down two attractions.  Look carefully when Andy and Helen first step into the carnival’s grounds during “Opie and the Carnival” there’s a clever sneak peek of its sequel.

#3: The Taylors in Hollywood

The Andy Griffith Show takes a page from I Love Lucy and goes offsite for three sixth season episodes in, “Off to Hollywood”, “Taylors in Hollywood”, and “The Hollywood Party”.  The trilogy is generally unaccepted as many viewers preferred the fictional North Carolina backdrop, though it too was produced in Hollywood.  Upon the Taylor’s return to Mayberry, the big city lights continue to blind in “Aunt Bee on TV” and fans wonder if the series will ever return to its long-loved formula.

#4 Barney Fife visits Mayberry

Just after midway through the sixth season, the first without starring Don Knotts, the show celebrates his return in back-to-back episodes; “The Return of Barney Fife” and “The Legend of Barney Fife”.  It’s a long, overdue farewell as the series severs his relationship with Mayberry and Thelma Lou.

#5 Andy visits Barney Fife

In the seventh series episode, Andy pays “A Visit to Barney Fife” in Raleigh and we viewers get a reunion of the crime-fighting duo as worthy as the black and white, Mayberry era.  The beginning of its sequel “Barney Comes to Mayberry”, starts where the prequel left off and Barney makes another visit to his hometown.

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