Scooby Doo: Big Top

“Big Top Scooby Doo”,
is Mystery Inc.’s return to the circus.  Times have changed since Bedlam.  Gone are the cruel animal tricks, superstition, and petty professional grudges.   In a universe where Atlantic City is a safe tourist attraction for teenagers, werewolves exist in great numbers.

The villain, the mystery, and the technology

The Ingolstadt Werewolves, search for a combination of jewels giving them powers to transform at any time.

Jewel thievery and box office looting.

Highly trained baboons commanded in Scottish.

Whitney Doubleday, unmasked. Archambault, sedated and captured.

Facts and curiosities

On their way to “safe” Atlantic City, Fred takes the gang on a detour to the Brancusi Circus.

A rare display of firearms. Even more rare, even unheard of, discharging them.

Final thoughts

“Big Top” is a good remake of “Bedlam in the Big Top”.  With its extended run time, its has more character development, makes a serious attempt in humor, and adds a surprise twist.  However, it doesn’t surpass the mystery and the imagination of the 1969 episode written in a vintage era.  Produced in 2012, “Big Top” predicted the end of animal circus acts.  The video isn’t the top of the list but as entertaining as many Scooby televison episodes.



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