Hawk the Slayer: The many ways it didn’t copy Star Wars

There are rumors,
that Hawk the Slayer stole ideas from the original Star Wars (a.k.a. A New Hope).  We think that’s crazy and list the very few coincidences.  Read more about it and save yourself embarrassment before spreading false similarities between the two.

#1: A disfigured villain in a black mask.

Just because both Darth Vader and Voltan suffer incurable wounds and hide them behind a mask, it doesn’t mean anything.  The fact that both wear a cape is also a coincidence.  The comparisons are irrational.  Vader’s mask covers his entire face while Voltan can breathe on his own.  There are more differences between the two similarites.

#2: The hero is given a special weapon belonging to his father.

True, Ben Kenobi gave the lightsaber to Luke that once belonged to his father, Anakin Skywalker.   But that sabre was taken out of a dusty chest.  Hawk’s sword was prominently displayed on a wall.  See the difference?  Because the Mind Sword once belonged to Hawk’s father and he wanted him to have it is unimportant.  This is as far apart as two distant galaxies.  Conspiracy theorists should try harder.

#3: Abbreviated training by old man.

Luke had Obi Wan and Hawk had his father, Old Man.  Luke’s training lasted minutes and required a drone and a blast helmet.  As Han Solo puts it, Luke’s progress is all luck.  Hawk’s training was a fraction of that and required the skills of opening a pouch and staring really, really hard.  Luke hadn’t even mastered levitation until “Empire”.  No, Hawk’s training was more advanced not even requiring a Rocky-style montage.  Only Chuck Norris could have pulled this off better.

#4: Someone loses a limb.

Star Wars get little points when someone loses an arm or leg.  It happens all the time.  With Hawk the Slayer, Ranulf loses only his hand.  Medical care seems more advanced in Hawk’s universe, it seems.  While Star Wars limb-losing violence is for style, Hawk the Slayer shows true emotion, heart, and determination.  How else can we explain Ranulf’s fantastic inspiration to develop his super-weapon, the automatic crossbow!

#5: The choke.

Voltan needs no reservations.  Lord Darth Vader lifted Captain Antilles off his feet and strangled the life out of him before tossing him against the wall.  Quite a stark difference with Voltan.  Watch Voltan sneak up on his victim and killed him in his seat.  He didn’t need to wiggle him back and forth like a stuffed doll.  No superhuman arm necessary.  Voltan is super-human.  Only he could pull off such a cold, hearless act in a restaurant of all places.

#6: A woman stands up against evil.

Remember when Princess Leia confronted Darth Vader early in the movie?  They were old acquaintances getting into a trivial argument about politics, spies, and rebel plans.   Hawk the Slayer’s Abbess is a skilled negotiator.  She stood up to evil showing no fear, no weakness in her house of God.  And she did it without having her followers resort to violence trying to protect her.  This woman is true pacifist and hero.

#7: Kidnapped woman in white.

Being taken against one’s will is a common trope in many films.  Star Wars had repeated it in every one of their movies.  Princess Leia was promptly arrested for being part of the rebellion and processed for execution.  The Abbess was kidnapped for ransom.  Big differences.   Being a pacifist, she took no sides during the War against the Legions of Darkness.  One other stunning difference, the Abbess’ rescue attempt ended in FAILURE.  She didn’t have the Millennium Falcon to gallivant around in.

#8: Hyperspace.

To transverse great distances, it took space ships using a nav-computer in the Star Wars universe.  There was lot of risk if they were not careful else they would end up in a sun or an asteroid belt.  But in Hawk the Slayer, risk has been eliminated!  Even a blind woman can navigate the glowing, connected hula-hoops and send the travel to another place and back.  No jet-lag, no flight-plan, necessary.  A true leap in technology.

#9: Old acquaintances re-unite in a duel.

Obi Wan and Vader had their lightsaber duel in the second act.  The fight wasn’t as important as the dialog, rehashing the unexplained past between the two and spouting hyperbolic threats. Hawk the Slayer didn’t need soap-opera dialog and saved the highly-anticipated sword match in its finale.  Compared to this, the Kenobi-Vader duel flat-lined in heartbeat of excitement.  Comparing the two scenes shows wild, uncontrolled imagination.  Medical attention should be considered.  Hello? The bad guy loses here!

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