Star Wars: Princess Leia in A New Hope

Carrie Fisher (1956-2016),
belongs to galaxies far, far away as well as home long ago and today.  We pay homage by choosing our favorite screen caps from Episode 4: A New Hope.

Her intro

Introduced in an extreme wide shot, Princess Leia stands in mysterious shadows and smoke.  We don’t yet know who she is.


With a blaster in her hands, she demonstrates how dangerous and deadly she is.  Still speechless, Leia lets her weapon do the talking.


Confronting the Sith Lord, Darth Vader, she stands defiant and questions his authority.


Imprisoned in a dark cell, she shares space with Vader and an interrogator droid.  No one will save her this time.

Charming to the last

Leia taunts General Tarkin.  She relies on her subtle diplomacy skills to save her home world of Alderaan.   Notice how she mixes defiance and surrender in her bluff.


Framed between Tarkin and Vader, the obscured view symbolized saving Alderaan as out of Leia’s reach.  As her home’s fate, she cannot escape nor prevent what is about to happen.

Rescued and unimpressed

Princess Leia looks unimpressed as Luke Skywalker, as a too-short Stormtrooper, comes to her rescue.


Leia makes her escape when it looked there was no way out.


Leia gives a kiss believing it will bring her and Luke the fortune needed to escape the Stormtroopers.

The tactician

The Princess takes her place next to General Jan Dodonna at the tactical board on Yavin 4.   Such experience will eventually earn her title of General decades later.


Though the rebellion continues, the film ends on a high note as Princess Leia awards heroes Luke and Han.  A New Hope finishes with fanfare and applause.


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