Scooby Doo: Stage Fright

Scooby Doo! Stage Fright”,
is where Fred and Daphne and the gang travel to Chicago.  Fred and Daphe are finalists on Talent Star, hosted by Brick Pimiento.  Just their luck, the Opera House is home to The Phantom ever since the 1970’s where the place was haunted by disco music.  The Phantom is trying to get rid of the competing acts.  Just like its mask, it hides something more nefarious.  A darker mystery is waiting to be solved.

The villain, the mystery, and the technology


The Phantom haunts the Chicago Opera House and threatens the broadcast of Talent Star. It’s motivations are confusing and many.


Conspiring to rig the contest and stealing the Soap Diamond are two of the many mysteries.


Velma stumbles on the control room finding digital evidence behind the shenanigans.


The Phantom, “Steve Trilby”, scared by his reflection from a fun house mirror for 40 years, went crazy from disco music in the 70’s. He hides in the sewers when he’s not searching for burritos.


The Phantom, “Mel Richmond”, plans to burn down the opera house to collect the insurance money. Confesses it was the worst idea he ever had.


The Phantom, “Lance Damon”, tries to game the contest because “Christine Must Win”. She doesn’t.


The Phantom, “Dewey Ottoman”, looks to steal the Soap Diamond. He fears dirt and trash and ends up buried in it.


The Phantom, “Brick Pimiento”, looks to boost ratings after years in decline.

Facts and curiosities


At the Chicago Opera House competing at Talent Star, hosted by Brick Pimiento.


In the disco world, arson and life-threatening vandalism makes you famous. Destroying a disco ball makes you infamous.

Final thoughts

Behind “Stage Fright” is its numerous subplots including one between Fred and Daphne that never blossoms.  With almost too many characters, it stitches together many skits worthy of reality TV.   But what it does have is “fantastic” art direction.  There are many images worthy of a digital postcard.  “Stage Fright” is a very unusual entry with multiple mysteries, multiple culprits, independently posing as a single villain.


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