The Shining: Jack’s first drink

It’s Jack Daniels on the rocks,
for Jack Torrance.  As Lloyd the bartender sets them up, Jack is soon to resume his passion for drinking.  It’s not only an hallucinations seen through a mirror but a door opening to the spirit world on the other side.  We study another fascinating scene from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

“You set them up and I’ll knock them back, Lloyd.  One by one.  White man’s burden, Lloyd my man, white man’s burden.” – Jack Torrance.

As Jack savors his first taste in five, miserable months, he falls into a momentary trance.  It’s as if he has stepped out his body leaving an empty shell.   However, the camera  abruptly cuts to a new angle.  Jack doesn’t display the rolled eyes anymore and Lloyd baits Jack into continuing an aggravating conversation.

Soon after, Wendy comes running for him.  Jack, in Wendy’s perspective, is not having an animated conversation.  Rather, he’s in a stupor. Jack slumps forward when Wendy grabs his shoulder.  Jack had been in his trance hearing the voices in his head.

Finally, we associate Jack’s rolling eyes with his entrance to the Overlook’s spirit world.  This would be seen one last time.


Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining


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