The Shining: 5 camera crew goofs from the TV mini-series

Little takes you out of a movie,
more than equipment goofs.  For The Shining TV mini-series, the camera equipment goofs highlighted the amateur efforts in an otherwise fine attempt to retell the story in Stephen King’s vision from his novel.   We document 5 examples.  There may be even more.

Goof 1: The straying camera car

Early in part 1, the Torrance’s climb the Colorado mountains in their VW.  Straying in from our right is the camera car exposing piece of its body or equipment.

Goof 2: Hallorann’s car

Danny comes with Hallorann to his car for a quiet conversation just between the two of them.  Too bad we get to see the camera crew on the other side of his car through the reflection.  It wouldn’t be so noticeable if they kept still and didn’t wave the boom mic around.

Goof 3: More boom mic

Probably the most obnoxious goof is the boom mic that’s seen too much and too long near the hotel’s patio.  Ever so omnipresent, it should have been paid scale.  It steals the scene and made it painfully awkward to continue watching.

Goof 4: The swings

By now we’re hoping we would numb and begin getting into the story.  But even the supernatural isn’t safe from practical goofs.  Do we really need to see them start swinging in the middle of the night?  True, the string is difficult to see.  Just as true, they didn’t need it.  They just needed someone with hands and able to stay outside the camera.

Goof 5: Watch the flowers

In what was to be a powerful scene with Jack Torrance descending into madness, he swings his croquet mallet down the hallway screaming at his family.  Shot from two different angles, the camera dollies forward and backwards.  Unfortunately, when the crew stepped backwards, they brushed the plastic roses enough to shake them but not knock them off its table.  It’s a jarring image reminding us Steven Weber wasn’t alone.

Stephen King’s The Shining TV mini-series

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