Tower of Terror at California Adventure Park to close

The iconic Hollywood Tower Hotel,
located in Disney’s California Adventure Park, will be closing January 2, 2017.  Announced in late summer, the 1939 period-piece ride will be replaced with a theme more appealing to the Millennium generation, “Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout!”.

As for the ride,
I wasn’t too in love with it.  Physically stressing, the ride toys with you emotionally with free falls that must occur in order to return you to the ground floor.  However, I found the attraction with one of the best queue lines in both parks.  The period-piece music takes its time pulling you into suspension of disbelief as you make your way through the outdoor maze.

Once you’re allowed to step inside,
the lobby decor is decorated as a rundown hotel complete with overgrowth of cobwebs resembling vines.  It captures the mood of the glory and fame fleeting into history leaving behind a shadow of its formal self.

The furniture and props,
are positioned like a still photograph.  You can almost imagine the lobby once crowded with excited visitors making themselves home.  The velvet ropes keeps you on the side of the living, preventing you from getting lost in the after world.

Once you’ve made it past the front desk, you’ll have a brief rest in an hotel office.  There, you’ll watch a short video with someone easily mistaken for Rod Serling explaining the tragic history of the hotel and it’s elevators.  To get to your room, you’ll have to use the service elevators from the hotel’s basement. The majesty of Hollywood Tower is quickly dispelled with ominous, glowing blue lights and steam from its boilers.  The good news, the elevators are quite large and can accommodate up to 21 passengers.  Enjoy the ride.

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