Unoriginal movie posters (9.26.16)

Debuting a new series of posts,
we take a look a four, unoriginal movie posters.  Masterminds, Fist Fight, The Bye Bye Man, and Snowden highlight the kickoff.

copies the comedy windows template complete with a one-word biography seen in Horrible Bosses.  It’s only missing Jennifer Aniston.  It faithfully follows a pattern of too many personalities sharing equal face time on print.  Masterminds is scheduled to come out September 30th, 2016.

Fist Fight,
highlights a parking lot conflict we should be otherwise concerned about if it were not a comedy.  Following a year of at least three serious super-hero films, it highlights face-to-face with more humor.  Fist Fight is scheduled to come out February, 2017.

The Bye Bye Man,
if you haven’t figured it out by the poster, is a horror film.  A horror portrait, we never get a good look at the villain.  The colors are deliberately dark and foreboding as it is mysterious.  The Bye Bye Man comes out January, 2017.

regardless what you feel about him, is Oliver’s Stone’s hero.  He stands alone within the backdrop that represents conspiracy and intrigue.   Clever, it approaches text on face but holds back.  This may be insight to Stone’s direction.  Snowden was released September 16, 2016.

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