Movie posters: Jennifer Aniston and comedy windows

What does Jennifer Aniston have in common with many of her movie posters?
The answer is she’s often featured in windows or panels.  Many comedy posters rely on this marketing gimmick.  Not only we’ll study the posters but take a look back how common Jennifer Aniston is seen these type posters.

Unlike action or horror films, comedies turn to star power to lure their audience.  It’s often a close-up with a carefully thought out and scripted expression.  When necessary, a prop is added.  Props are also common in comedy portraits.  It may be difficult to depict humor otherwise in a still picture.  Adventure and horror films have more to work with to captivate excitement or terror.

What’s the point?
Windows are more common when there are many A-list stars to share the film and poster’s real estate with.  It’s a separation of egos giving each star space, sometimes equal.   Depending on the layout, it may imply many story lines or skits that will be both chaotic and fun.  Or it could be as simple the characters don’t get along.  But the primary point of the film is who is in it rather than what they will do.

Poster-MothersDay(2016)What about Jennifer Aniston?
Advantageous publicity, it works best when she shows her identity.  Often not carrying a film alone, she shares poster space with her co-stars.  The bigger her role, the fewer windows she shares with.  Although, the average seems to be six.  Even her breakthrough television series, Friends, poses her in windows made from Polaroids.

With her latest release, Mother’s Day (2016), she is featured in a window of four prominently featured in the upper left before Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts.  A coup for her agent!

In Horrible Bosses 2 (2014),
it is an example of 7 stars sharing equal space.  Many, who were not obfuscated by the title, is carrying a prop.  Of course, Jennifer Aniston ranks exactly center of the the other six.  But that is only one of many comedy window posters you’ll see her in.


She’s Funny That Way (2014), Life of Crime (2013), Horrible Bosses (2011), and The Switch (2010)


He’s Just Not That Into You (2009), The Good Girl (2002), The Thin Pink Line (1998), and Picture Perfect (1997)


She’s the One (1996), Friends (1994)

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