The Shining: Overlook lobby

The Shining: Overlook lobby,
is a study of the hotel’s last day of its season when the Torrance family arrives.  It’s a busy day of packing, cleaning, and moving out.  What subliminal messages did Stanley Kubrick leave behind?

After a slow dissolve, from the wide exterior shot of the hotel, we see a pan right through the Overlook lobby.  The first to catch our eye is the custodian mopping the floor over the geometric floor patterns representing Native Americans.  His feet firmly planted, he wipes the same spot over and over again.  No matter how long he mops, he’s unable to clean up the mess.  To our right is overly large ladder that is seen not having a purpose at the moment.  It towers above the lobby like a staircase to heaven or, more appropriately, mountains.  It may signify the rise and fall of the American Indian civilization.


As we step right in a fluid motion, another staff member enters with a cart or roll-away bed.  The fabric is earth-toned with a hint of Native Americanism colors and pattern.  It is being pushed away for something new that will take its place in the space.


Stuart Ullman and Bill Watson arrive.  On cue, when they take center frame, they are obscured by a third custodian carrying a table in his arms. He stands prominently on a seal of another symbol of Native America.  When we’re supposed to see Ullman and Watson center stage, Kubrick deliberately has us seeing something else.

What does it all mean?
We know that Kubrick dropped many symbols of Native America into The Shining.  Whether or not they’re clues or red herrings are subject to debate.  We do know that everything is premeditated.  Do we see mopping blood off of Native America that never cleans?  The displacement of Native peoples and the permanent root of Europeans?

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining


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  1. IsItSomethingISaid September 9, 2016 4:50 pm  Reply

    After having the pattern of the carpet near room 237 linked to Apollo’s launchpad 39A, I began to wonder if Kubrick also embedded the location of the hoax’ staging.

    One night, while watching clips from The Shining, I noticed that the lobby had symbols resembling the universal symbol for radiation. I also noticed the diamonds nearby.

    Later I noticed the squarish pattern in The Shining’s Gold Room’s carpet–a pattern that for some reason flashed the idea of a lake into my head. I rejected this lake idea, as lakes are roundish and ovalish, not squarish.

    Later that night the squarish pattern in the Gold Room’s floor still gnawed at me–I could not shake the thought of a lake of some sort, but I also had thoughts of the dry and arid West. I then began to review what I thought I knew about the staging of Apollo. One thing I knew was that many, including myself, believed that the hoax was NOT filmed at the Langley Research Center, but out West somewhere–far from prying eyes and accidental discovery.

    So I decided to go online and look at satellite photos of the main location suspected, Area-51. Now I know next to nothing about Area-51, and am not an UFO or alien buff–I could not even remember what state it was in. So imagine my surprise when I finally located Area-51 to find that its primary feature visible form the air is a squarish dry lake bed named Groom lake.

    Okay, but what of the radiation symbol nearby? My first thought was an A-bomb testing site. But are there any in Nevada? Well yes, the biggest, and it is just to the west of Area-51–“Winner, winner! Chicken dinner.”

    I now believe that Kubrick was several times flown from LA or Las Vegas to Area-51 so as to stage Apollo. That he then embedded images of the most prominent features of Area-51, Groom lake and the A-bomb test facility to the west, in the floors of The Shining as additional clues to the scam and his involvement in it.

    Just food for thought.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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