Scooby Doo: Mrs. Baker, femme fatale

We pay tribute to Mrs. Baker,
from The New Scooby Doo Movies episode, “The Dynamic Scooby-Doo Affair”.  She is the first female villain to be unmasked and she does it with style.

Always unassuming and overlooked,
Mrs. Baker walked through life curiously unfettered.   There may never had been a Mr. Baker, as we know.  Yet, she even used her imaginary husband’s name to disguise herself.  We’re never told when Mrs. Baker chose a life of crime as we are introduced in the middle of her life story.  We do know that no one takes her seriously.  She is a fragile woman needing protection and an unquestioned presumption of innocence.

Escorted by Batman and Robin, Mystery Inc. investigate a run-down farmhouse.  Rather than hiding or remaining quiet, Mrs. Baker introduces herself and in costume.  Leveraging her age and supposed fragility, Mrs. Baker hypnotizes everyone, including two super-heroes from suspecting her.


Harmless toy – according to Batman. Further investigation unnecessary.

How could Mrs. Baker take the “Dynamic Duo” seriously?  Within minutes, Batman opens a crate inside Mrs. Baker’s house and discovers a punch clown.  Immediately, our masked detective dismisses the clown, the crate, and Mrs. Baker.  Curious, Scooby Doo destroys the clown and blows the cover off the phony-money conspiracy.  Yet, no one bothers to interrogate Mrs. Baker further.



Fred Jones, a physically-fit teenage male with an obvious advantage over Mrs. Baker. He gets a butt-whoopping.

Not wanting her invited guests to stay any longer, Mrs. Baker feared they would begin to wise up.  She needed to send them away.  Mrs. Baker cleverly persuades them to investigate the junkyard next to the cemetery.   But it was a trap!  Mrs. Baker outruns teenagers and super-heroes alike and meets them at the junkyard.  When presented with the opportunity, she attempts to murder Shaggy and Scooby by dropping an old sedan into a car smasher with them in it.    While Batman and Robin rescues them, Fred sees a chance to sneak up on the Hooded Man who is distracted operating the junkyard crane.  You would think Fred could handle Mrs. Baker, a women in her 60’s.   But Fred has his lunch handed to him.  While Mrs. Baker, as the Hooded Man, failed to eliminate her curious guests, she turns to her best qualities.


“Was there actually a Mrs. Baker?” – Batman, confused and delusional.

Throughout Mrs. Baker’s life, she met many who had forgotten her as quickly as they turned away.  Never able to earn any lasting impressions, eventually Mrs. Baker turned this liability into a profitable asset.  She erases her past, present, and future by making her and her farmhouse disappear.  Her vanishing act tempts the Batman into questioning his own sanity.  He even considers it may be an illusion.  But Mrs. Baker or her cohorts made the mistake of stealing the Batmobile.

One fact you may have missed, Mrs. Baker was able to reach The Joker and The Penguin by telephone.   Mrs. Baker is also persuasive to enlist the super-villains into her scheme while maintaining her anonymity.  After capturing The Joker and Penguin, the episode enters the final act and a grand confrontation at an underground toy warehouse.   It holds a collection of Mrs. Baker’s loot, purchased through her counterfeiting operation.  The sheer madness of her collection is either a metaphor of her filling the void in her life or its really about having the most toys wins.

Mrs. Baker shows exceptional strength, stealth, and hubris.  Alone, she intends to stand up to the entire group of crime fighters.  Employing her toys, she stops at nothing trying scare, deter, or defeat them.  While Mrs. Baker shows off her impressive skills riding a unicycle, we begin to question her judgement.  Others have taken to bicycles and Scooby has an electric car.   Exhausted, cornered, and nowhere to go, Mrs. Baker falls into the arms of Batman.  Even in defeat, the gang is not finished defending Mrs. Baker’s dignity.  Enough with the illusion of “poor, Mrs. Baker”, she unmasks herself without the help of men, demanding the recognition she deserves.


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