Scooby Doo: The Ghost of the Bad Humor Man

Haunted ice cream,
is the theme of “The Ghost of the Bad Humor Man”.  A spooky night, a black cat, and thousands of dumped ice cream sticks lure Mystery Inc. to an ice cream factory dodging flavored phantoms.  A man in a phony leg cast and near-sighted night watchman, don’t make the mystery easier to solve.  From The Scooby Doo Show.

Episode facts


The Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry Phantom. Mischievous, they haunt an ice cream factory and love to repaint delivery trucks.


The Happy Humor Ice Cream Co.


Hijacked armor trucks disguised as Happy Humor trucks to pass the roadblocks.


Phantom disguises courtesy of Acme Costumes.


Sammy the Shrimp, unmasked.



While Velma scolds Shaggy for his driving, we clearly see Fred behind the wheel. A moment later, they switch places.


Shaggy helps himself to smuggled ice cream


Shaggy helps himself to fried bacon and eggs.

Final thoughts

If you haven’t worked or toured a food or beverage plant, its can be a big and expansive place.  Pipes, valves, and vats give it a weird, steam-punkish look.  Turn some lights off, hear nothing but silence, and you’re easily convinced something will jump out at you.  “The Ghost of the Bad Humor Man”, is otherwise a simple theme episode.  There is no back story, nor crazy technology.

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