Star Trek: Top Mr. Spock episodes


We continue honoring Leonard Nimoy’s history in classic television,
with a list of top Mr. Spock episodes.  These are our picks to watch to best get to know the iconic character from Star Trek the Original Series.

#1: Visit his home world, Vulcan, from “Amok Time”.

You’ll end up a little too familiar with Vulcan’s brutal marriage rites.   However, it’s a valuable episode to learn about Vulcan, their government, and their women.  Who would thought grasping for power and fame were logical?  Combat between Kirk and Spock is epic.

#2: Meet his family from “Journey to Babel”.

Long before Star Trek: The Next Generation, Mark Lenard made is only appearance as Spock’s father, Sarek.  (Coincidentally, he played a Romulan commander in season one)  Amanda, Spock’s mother, is played by Jane Wyatt.  We get a glimpse into Spock’s devotion to logic, a separation from his father, and how truly messed up diplomacy is in the future.

#3: Know his history before the Enterprise in “This Side of Paradise”.

This episode makes the list for running Spock through an emotional gauntlet.  From contentment, love, happiness, and eventually anger and regret.  We learn a new back story and implicit history between he and Leila Kalomi.

#4: Understand his command philosophy in “The Galileo Seven”.

How would Mr. Spock be different from Captain Kirk had he command for an indefinite period of time?  That question is answered in a rather dark, but impressive, episode.  Spock applies logic to every decision-making opportunity and his crew are killed off one-by-one.  Redemption comes in the end when he is forced to gamble away everything he stands for.

#5: Imagine his darker side in “Mirror, Mirror”.

How could we leave out the only episode with Spock in a beard?  Although still very logical, he carries a pirate streak to sharpen his survival skills.  While the evil-Spock is still very polite, he finds logical reasoning balancing torturous punishment and passively letting a world to be blown to bits.

On the recommended list:

Learn about Mr. Spock’s origins in “The Cage” and/or “The Menagerie”.  See how different his last two captains turn to him for help.

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