Scooby Doo: 5 fantastic facts about the No-Face Zombie

The No-Face Zombie,
is one of Dilly Dally Doll Company’s greatest invention.   Too bad it was used for greed rather than good.  Using the latest technology of the mid 1970’s, this robotic horror possessed abilities modern scientists still struggle with.  We look at 5 fantastic facts about the No-Face Zombie.  From The Scooby Doo Show, “The No-Face Zombie Chase”.


Number 1: Agility and speed.


Although the zombie has a gimped left leg, it can move as silent as a ninja or as fast as a track runner. It does not tire or need a coffee break.

Number 2: Visual recognition.


With no visible eyes, it is able to see and recognize places, people, and things.

Number 3: Shows emotion.


The No-Face Zombie growls when it is discouraged. Whenever its programmed objectives suffer setbacks it responds with angry groans.

Number 4: Knows how to drive.


Like the Google car, except this can do your shopping.

Number 5: Autonomous and able to come up with a plan.


Self-sufficient. When distracted from its objective, the zombie can adjust and come up with a new plan to get it back on schedule.


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