Survivalist guide to “King Kong 360 3D” at Universal Studios, Hollywood

The Studio Tour is not only a must see at Universal Studios, Hollywood,

it’s your ticket to visit Skull Island and see King Kong up close.  Be warned, we hear he’s not really a fan of trams.  Come inside, put on your glasses, and we’ll list things you may not have noticed with King Kong 360 3D.

It’s not difficult to prepare for King Kong.   All you need is your pair of 3D glasses.  They’re located in bins close to the end of the queue line.  If you forget or drop them, make sure you have your hands up when the tour guide asks before the tram takes off.

If you’re familiar with the tour, the visit to Skull Island may happen earlier or later depending on the mood of the driver.  When you approach Skull Island, you’ll see visual warnings including a smashed tram.  Don’t worry, the chances your tram will be crushed are minimal.  The monitors will begin displaying obligatory messages from the creator, Peter Jackson, as you descend into darkness and the spiritual journey begins.

It doesn’t matter which side of the tram you sit, the entertainment is equally shared on both sides including the top.  If you’re a repeated visitor, I suggest concentrating on one side and you’ll appreciate how detailed the 3D experience is.  While I did say it doesn’t matter if you sit to the left or right, it does matter if you sit in the front or back.  The rear of the tram is a slightly less satisfying experience.  You’ll notice the edges of the screens and you’re omitted from the personal attention the dinosaurs and Kong give you.

The tram does jar back and forth.  The severity depends on where you sit and the condition of the tram, I suspect.  It’s not unexpected that you bump your head, bump your SLR against the seat in front of you, or tweak your back if you’re prone to sudden jolts.  People will scream, unsure if the projections are real or not.  You will be sprayed simulated dino-saliva.  It is a mixture of water and undisclosed substances.

If you managed to return from Skull Island, here are some things you may have missed:


You’ll smell the rain forest as the attraction begins.


There are more than dinosaurs here. There are giant spiders and at least one pterodactyl.


There is another tram behind you. One of the guests will lean out to take a picture with his phone. He ends up dropping it.


Not a happy ending for the other car. They plunge into the depths of the chasm. It didn’t work out well in the movie as I remembered.

When you emerge on the other end to resume your tour, you won’t be needing your glasses anymore.  Peter Jackson returns to your monitors and explain the challenges he had producing this for your enjoyment.  Drop the glasses off in bins after you step off the tram.

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