Survivalist guide to “Mickey’s Fun Wheel” at California Adventure Park

Located in Paradise Pier at Disney’s California Adventure Park in Anaheim, it is a 9-minute ride of terror.  While the mouse casts a giant smile over the park, the victims inside are screaming and holding their stomachs.  Read here how to navigate the queue line with suggestions for those prone to motion sickness.

From far away, Mickey’s Fun Wheel seems like an unassuming ride.  Look closer you’ll notice some of the gondolas slide back and forth rocking like a baby’s cradle.   The queue area is modest and will probably boast a 30 minute wait.  You’ll need to make a decision, take the line for sliding gondolas or take the much longer, slow moving line for the fixed gondolas along the wall.  If you decide to ride the sliding, the line will split to left and right.  Choose one, they’re both the same.

The cast members will rotate visitors in and out of the gondolas.  You’ll slowly climb up when your cage will tilt, rock, and slide back and forth.  Your face will soon begin to flush as you will feel a quick, surprising feeling of disorientation.  Panic and hopelessness fills your heart and you’ll begin to wonder if it gets worse.  When you realize they’re still filling the cages below, it does.

Your cage reaches the apex and holds.  This is your moment to enjoy a buena vista.  However, soon you will drop to other side and your soul begins to cry crawling out of your belly.  You will begin to curse the ride and give anything to be standing in the fixed gondola line.  The ride makes one, uninterrupted revolution.  You’ll sit there and either screaming or asking yourself how you got suckered investing nearly an hour into this attraction where you could have been in Radiator Springs.

If you’re prone to motion sickness in least any form, you are strongly warned to avoid at all cost.  While the wiki page mentions motion sickness bags are provided in gondolas, I do not remember seeing them.  If they were there, I was in no condition to notice.  This is a ride that ruins the rest of your night at the park.  You could be doing so many things more fun there.   Anything.

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