Scooby Doo: C. L. Magnus, a family failure

You’ve seen C. L. Magnus spending his nights plotting,
desperately trying to save his steamship business in “Go Away Ghost Ship”.   Sitting alone in front of his fireplace late at night, he slowly drives himself mad living up to his family’s proud heritage.   He thinks he had found the answer before nosy, teenage sleuths show up and Mr. Magnus raises the stakes.

Living high up in his penthouse, shipping magnate C. L. Magnus quietly sees his proud family business slowly sink into bankruptcy.  For many centuries, the Magnus family has ruled the high seas and profited greatly from it.  C. L. Magnus inherits the wealth of generations yet unable to perpetuate it.  Slowly, piece by piece, year by year the family shipping line descends into failure.   With each passing night, C. L. stares into his fireplace as if looking to have his fortune told.  Even his butler worries.  Both about his employer and his employment.  It would not be too long before Mr. Magnus realizes the answer to his future lies in his family’s past!

Mr. Magnus long known of the tales of Redbeard the Pirate.  It was a name that brought sheer terror and excitement to the Magnus family.  Success was slipping away from C. L.. Sometimes, he wondered if had any of his own.   Was everything he had ever enjoyed a result of his inheritance?   He kept thinking back where did it all go wrong?  Was it him or a family curse?   He began to admire Redbeard rather than fear him.  Magnus idolized how Redbeard terrorized the seas and made him rich, powerful, and infamous.

Investing in a replica pirate ship and small crew of two, C. L. Magnus was surprised how easy it was to hijack his own steam liners.  However, as the newspapers began to pay attention he grew nervous always looking over his shoulder.  His paranoia saw fruition when a group of pushy teenagers made past his butler and bodyguard at 11 O’Clock at night into his penthouse.  Nothing he could say could persuade Fred, Velma, Scooby Doo and the rest from sticking their noses into his ghastly plot saving his business.

The gang tells C. L. Magnus they're going out into the ocean. The Ghost of Redbeard, knowing they're coming to investigate, ventures out into the waters anyway. Can you say premeditated attempted murder?

The plot descends further into madness, as The Ghost of Redbeard goes out to sea preying on the teens.   Instead of staying in his penthouse avoiding suspicion, Mr. Magnus waits for the gang to float out into the ocean in their little boat and sinks them.  An act fitting for a pirate, his alter-ego of Redbeard, has taken over.

The Ghost of Redbeard feels no remorse.  Looting and piracy is all what matters to him.  Curious, what ever was left of C. L. Magnus was at his happiest.  He had a crew, loot, and his secret cove to find comfort in.  In contrast to his penthouse where he sat melancholy about his dwindling fortune, his cave had surrounded him with wealth.

Ultimately, like his business strategy, Magnus’ criminal plot comes to a bitter end.   He is trapped, literally within his own loot.   Both greed and deception ensnares him.  In a subtle tale of irony, the cargo of the Magnus Steamline takes credit for capturing Redbeard once again.


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