Scooby Doo: What the Hex Going On?

Scooby Doo, Where are You!
episode “What the Hex Going On?”,

has the mystery solving gang of sleuths visit their friend Sharon at the Wetherby estates.  It happens to be next door to the haunted Kingston mansion and mausoleum.  In no time, they’re solving a mystery before each of them will age quickly.

The villain, the mystery, and the technology


The Ghost of Elias Kingston masters the powers of hypnosis, projection, and levitation.


The mystery: A plot to steal Sharon’s family’s fortune.


Turbo fans capable of navigating a wooden table through the air and a CCTV television camera broadcasting fantastic special f/x.


Uncle Stewart, unmasked. His makeup apparently conceals his thick glasses!

Unanswered questions of curiosity


Shaggy finds clues with Velma’s fingerprint kit and loses it forever.


Uncle Stewart gets into character even when he suspects no one is watching.


A rare example of a bogus lead, to the fortune teller. Through the vortex of animation non-existence.


The Wetherby estates, where its always 8 O’clock.

Final words and observations

Not a classic, but definitely an interesting episode with a monster ghost with little or no back story.  After all, who exactly was Elias Kingston?  While the mystery was common greed, take a closer look at Uncle Stewart, the man.  Here is an example of someone who may be criminally insane with his alter-ego.  More than once we see him get into character where he wouldn’t expect anyone was watching.  He hears the voice of Elias Kingston call where no one else can.  In the end, Sharon explained she had caught Uncle Stewart without his wig.  Instead of giving up his act, he kills off his identity, figuratively, and the Ghost of Elias Kingston takes possession of his body and soul.   Pretty deep for a Scooby Doo episode, huh?

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This is where Uncle Stewart lost his soul to his alter-ego Elias Kingston.

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  1. Lisa Woodward July 7, 2019 1:52 pm  Reply

    Poor taste. Aired October 18, 1969 a couple months after the murder of Sharon Tate and her friends. Sharon standing there in her fancy house…I think it was not appropriate.

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