Star Trek: Top 5 worlds governed by computer

Meet the Landru-6000.

The galactic technological achievements in Star Trek included worlds and societies ruled by computers.  Emotionless, heartless, and sometimes cruel, they governed without question or resistance.  Each government provided something the inhabitants needed; order, immortality, peace, and running hot water.  Eventually each lost after a few hours visit from the crew of the Enterprise.

Number 5: Sigma Draconis VI in “Spock’s Brain”

Named “The Controller” it was powered by a humanoid brain.  In this case, Spock’s brain.  It aided the underground society of women, known as Eymorg.  The women were beautiful, yet a empty-headed band of dominatrix needing a computerized HVAC unit capable of giving good advice.

What it did: Helping women living underground by turning lights on and off and tapping into mobile devices.

Longevity: 10,000 years

How it was  shut down: Its biological central processing unit removed by Dr. McCoy and returned to Spock’s body.

Number 4: Eminiar VII in “A Taste of Armageddon”

This cable program is depressing!

Though literally, it did not rule the people of Eminiar 7, its guidance and calculations were followed without question. Countless millions quietly walk stepped into disintegration machines without reservation.  If this is not an example of man serving machine, nothing is.

What it did:  A combat simulation computer, launching mathematical attacks, calculating and selecting casualties using trusted algorithms.

Longevity: Unknown thousands of years.

How it was shut down: Kirk phasers it out of commission.

Number 3: Yonada in “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”

Disguised as an asteroid, the people of Yonada sailed through the universe in a multi generation space ship looking for a new home.  A close quartered society incapable of expansion needed a computerized deity, known as The Oracle, to keep them honest.  With human-machine implants, The Oracle could read minds for blasphemy.  The punishment ranged from mild headaches to a live roast.

What it did: Navigating the space ship, launching nuclear missiles, read minds, an indoor weather machine, and keeper of medical knowledge.

Longevity: 10,000 years.

How it was shut down: After reading the operating manual, Spock shuts it down.

Number 2:  Gamma Triangui VI in “The Apple”

Deep inside a dragon temple is a super computer guiding a small village of young adults.  It’s commandments are simple; feed it the best food and absolutely no love or marriage.  It’s literal hunger for power, forced Kirk to evangelize the village.   He plays the serpent leading the Feeders of Vaal out of Eden with temptations of sex and a greatly reduced life expectancy.

What it did: Provided both immortality and pleasant weather of 76-degrees Fahrenheit when pleased.  When angry, threw bolts of lightning and gave very horrible advise.

Longevity: Unknown.

How it was shutdown: A hail of phasers from the Enterprise.

Number 1: Beta III in “The Return of the Archons”

“I am the law!”

Based on a dream to free a world from wars, hate, and disease – the creator, simply titled “Landru”, introduced his planet to tyranny.  Obedience was otherwise known as “tranquility”.  Landu’s machine kept the people from asking too many questions and made sure they had “happy thoughts” just like that Twilight Zone episode.

Landru as a young child.

Having enough with the cult-of-personality, Kirk creates a loophole in the Prime Directive and decides to challenge Landru for rule.  Getting in good with the local resistance (three guys!) he finds Landu’s hideout and challenges him to a duel.  Debate of words at 20 paces.

What it did: Brainwashed minds, commanded Law Givers, organized 12-hour festivals for young adults.

Longevity: 6,000 years.

How it was shutdown: Lost a debate with Kirk.

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