Columbo inducted in the Hall of Favorites

Never without his signature raincoat, Lt. Columbo is a sly, yet brilliant sleuth and detective.  His villains most always represent society’s most influential and famous.  It’s a Shakespearean play watching Columbo hound and wear his opponents down until they fall from their pedestals.   He deceives his villains by acting confused and starting meandering conversations frustrating the most cold-blooded of murderers.  But it’s only an act.  With Columbo, its never about who gets caught, but how.

With his wardrobe to his endearing love of his unseen wife, his love of chili to his rumpled, brown paper bag, Lt. Columbo is an icon.  For his three decades of crime drama that made us laugh at the right moments – Columbo is inducted into our Television Hall of Favorites.  Oh, there’s just one more thing …


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