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Star Trek: Captain Kirk impostors


We pay homage to six Star Trek the Original Series episodes featuring Captain Kirk’s doubles and impostors.  Body-swaps, transporter malfunctions, and biological replication are all included.  Can’t get enough of Kirk?  You can have two.



Can Andy hold back the future?
From The Andy Griffith Show episode, “Stranger in Town” comes an odd episode that could find its way on The Twilight Zone.  Ed Sawyer comes to town and knows too much about too many.  Look beyond the laughter.  Read 5 ways the episode predicted our future, applying ideas right out of the Internet.



When watching Kung Fu,
overlook the period and the stories.  If you examine the universe, the very rules Kwai Chang Caine follows while wandering the western United States, you’ll see he lives in a bleak world of little hope.  It may not be Blade Runner or The Hunger Games, but Kung Fu carries many of the same traits that define dystopia.  We make the case here.