“Period Piece” Debuts at San Jose’s 48 Hour Film Project

“Commissioner Josephine O’Kane” and her custom tooled vacuum.

Debuting August 16, 2012 at the BlueLight Cinema in Cupertino, CA is RadioActive Studios latest production, Period Piece (2012).

A period piece genre, it a story about little girl home alone fending for herself in a world overrun by clowns.  Short on food, long on ingenuity, our heroine must find a way to set the world straight again and warn any who will listen.

This is the studio’s 10th 48 Hour Film Project production and 5th in San Jose.

“5” Debuts at San Francisco’s 48 Hour Film Project

CTU Field Agent Jack Bower in a routine interrogation

Debuting June 20, 2012 at Lumiere Theater in San Francisco is RadioActive Studios latest production, 5: Episode 11:55 AM to 12:00 PM,  A parody of 24 the Series and Detective / Cop genre.   Jack Bower of CTU, (California Tactical Unit) investigates terrorist threats made by a mystery caller promising to pollute the city’s water supply.  Plumbers, produce vendors, and CTU staff are all suspects.  Who is responsible?  Could it be an inside job?  Watch the drama in 5 minutes!

“5” is a 48 Hour Film Project production for the city of San Francisco.