Brainstorming: Realtime Story Telling Versus the Montage

“Metamorphosis” pays homage to Battleship Potempkin

Sergei Eisenstein is credited for pioneering montage in film.  Using quick collision of shots, Eisenstein theorized he could manipulate the audience’s emotion and create film metaphors.  Coming up with a number of methods or conflicts to a montage, they were not necessarily linear.  This brainstorming article discusses two opposite techniques of story telling.  Traditional dialogue versus the montage.

When I started guerrilla filmmaking, I believed in my heart characters defined the story and dialog defined the characters. Early, I relied on conversation to create a new universe that would exist only minutes. From what I have seen in short, guerrilla films this is not only norm but a near exclusive practice. The writer or director introduces their story through talent in a stable scene not threatened with continuity distortion.  Generally, talent comes in pairs or solitary speaking with audience directly or indirectly.

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