Ugly Birdhouse (2016)

Ugly Birdhouse (2016)

48 Hour Film Project San Jose, 2016

Road Movie
(Martial Arts was an alternate)

Future Superstar
Stand Out Prop

Nominated for
Best Costumes
Best Use of Dialogue
Best Use of Prop
Best Use of Character
Best Writing

An appearance of an ugly birdhouse and its boogeyman forces a young girl to go into hiding and on the run.

Required Elements (Character, Prop, Line of dialog)
Kirk or Kaia Nordenstrom, Carpenter
A whole apple
“That’s just a myth.”

Camera 12 Cinemas in San Jose, CA on April 27, 2016 and May 22, 2016.

Shooting Locations
Livermore, CA

Technical Specs
Filmed on Sony FDR-AX100 at 24 fps.
Edited with Final Cut X Pro.