Guerrilla Filmmaking 101: Camera zoom out

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The Two Riddles Project, camera zoom out.

Camera zoom out,

changes the focal length without moving the camera.  A subject framed in a closer view is soon framed in a wider view without a cut.  Used for dramatic effect, it is an unnatural technique. It is a substitute for a match cut dolly out.  It’s unnaturalness draws attention to itself and should be used sparingly.

As seen in: The Two Riddles Project (2007)
Near the end of their tour, June Riddle points to the wall. When the camera quickly zooms out, we see it’s a door. The scene continues with Tim Dorbeshe explaining the important meaning behind the door. This technique was used with a jump-cut in order to introduce the scene without revealing the true size of the cellar.


Guerrilla filmmaking 101 is a series a posts covering the basics in a quick-footed production.  Every director carries his or her own filmmaking philosophy.



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