Guerrilla Filmmaking 101: Camera Dolly, Reveal in Background

Rated T for Teen 22.57

Rated T for Teen, camera dolly with variation reveal in background.

The Camera Dolly, Reveal in Background is a technique introducing a new subject, generally from the left or right edge as the camera travels horizontally as the new subject appears in the background.  The shift in focus is more subtle than the variation reveal in foreground.  The separation of depth may go unnoticed by the audience and is most effective as subconscious messaging or a method of foreshadowing.

As seen in: The Curious Augustus Shank
To the sounds of heartbeats, the camera is to the side of the object following in an horizontal axis. With 2/3 view in front of the talent, the camera follows him to the left in a mid shot.  During Augustus Shank’s struggle, suspiciously enters a drummer, Chris Doyle, with no explanation of his arrival. Remaining in the foreground, Augustus Shank is still the central focus of the scene while Chris Doyle plays a mysterious part of the story.

Guerrilla filmmaking 101 is a series a posts covering the basics in a quick-footed production.  Every director carries his or her own filmmaking philosophy.

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