“Room 153” receives 3 awards including Best Directing

Room 153 (2019),

a 48 Hour Film Project for San Jose, was given three awards; Best Use of Character, Best Costumes/Hair/Makeup, and Best Directing after the screening at Tower 3 in San Jose on September 4, 2019.

Abe Sangamore, a hotel employee, was the required character.  In Room 153, he was portrayed as an attentive hotel manager with a mysterious alter-ego. He had to share the sobering news to one of his guests why he made room for him in his hotel.  This is the studio’s second award for Best Use of Character with an additional nomination.

An elaborate use of makeup, used carefully in a single scene helped the film gain the award Best Costumes/Hair/Makeup.  With its use of costumes and a mask, the studio was given its third award in the category of Best Costumes.  Two other films had been nominated.

The award of Best Directing is a first for the studio.  In addition to the three awards, Room 153 was also nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Use of Dialog, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor. This is the second film to be considered for Best Cinematography and for Best Use of Dialog.  Nominations for Best Actor and Supporting Actor are also first for RadioActive Studios.

The Princess Who Would Not Listen (2014) was awarded Best Use of Character of Rob Ward, Club President.  Ugly Birdhouse (2016) was nominated for it portrayal of Kirk Nordenstrom, carpenter.

Oboyee (2013) and Hush (2014) were awarded Best Costumes.  Ugly Birdhouse (2016) and Witches v. Warlocks (2018) were nominated.

Oboyee (2013) was awarded Best Cinematography.  Ugly Birdhouse (2016)  was nominated for Best Use of Dialog.


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