48 Hour Film Project awards in 2018

RadioActive Studios is pleased to announce,

nominations and an award given from participating the 2018 48 Hour Film Projects in the cities of San Jose and Tampa for the shorts films Père Malfait (2018) and Witches v. Warlocks (2018).

Père Malfait (2018),

an entry for San Jose, was awarded Best Editing and nominated for Best Sound Design.  It sliced together footage taken from three cities; Livermore CA, Ft. Worth TX, and Tampa FL.  Both categories were first nominations for the studios.

Witches v. Warlocks (2018),

an entry for Tampa, was nominated for Best Costumes and Best Musical Score.  Footage was filmed from two locations; Livermore CA and Tampa FL.  It was the first nomination for Best Musical Score for the studio and the fourth nomination for Best Costumes.


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