First still of “The Princess Who Would Not Listen”


TPWWNL-Promo-02Participating in its 15th 48 Hour Film Project, the studio has finished production of The Princess Who Would Not Listen (2014) for Inland Empire, 2014.  A inspirational film after turning down the fish out of water genre.

After making nearly an 8-hour trip into Rancho Cucamonga, RadioActive Studios began an improvisational production revolving around a club president, a necklace, and the required dialog “You would not believe what I just saw.”.  With only two days and limited resources, the studio hurried an inspirational film about self-confidence in a world of doubt and negativity.

Without neither a script nor shooting schedule, the story unfolded over the weekend covering two shooting locations both indoors of low light and outdoors under bright sun reaching into upper 90 degrees.  The RadioActive Studios team was the first to submit their film on time making 15 straight successful productions.

Inland Empire is the studios 5th 48 Hour Film Project city following St. Louis, San Jose, San Francisco, and Santa Rosa.