RadioActive Studios releases “Volk” for the National Film Challenge 2013

Volk-Wolf“Volk” a National Film Challenge 2013 entry

Volk (2013), is RadioActive Studios latest production for the National Film Challenge 2013.  A spy genre, it is a classic tale of a wolf following the “piggy” on her way to her grandma’s house.

Processed in Final Cut X “Indie Red”, its dialog is in Russian with English subtitles.  A follow up to Oboyee (2013), it follows the same art house style of filmmaking with a heavy emphasis on cinematography.

Volk-Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping beauty?

Volk is the studio’s third National Film Challenge and is one of about 153 teams in the 2013 event.  It’s first NFC film was Rated T for Teen (2007).