ToEE Campaign “A” Adventure 2: The Cult of the Howling Hatred (5/29/2016)


The Cult of the Howling Hatred,
is the second campaign adventure of Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil board game.  Continuing Campaign A , it is another 5-hero quest to defeat the Air Elemental and rescue a prisoner.

Survivors have made their way to the village of Red Larch.  You hear that a prisoner was captured by cultists.  You and other heroes decide to hatch a rescue plan.

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Eldritch Horror: Eldritch diaries, a complete story (5/14/2016)

Charlie Kane,
plots his next political move by sending his best agent, Leo Anderson, out to save the world.  It will take his political strings and Leo’s bravery to stop the Ancient One.   Cashing all of his clout, Kane will have to venture out of his safe haven of San Francisco.  This session concluded on May 14, 2016.

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Temple of Elemental Evil: Cold rolls from the 20-sided? (5/1/2016)

After finishing our first adventure with the Dungeons and Dragons board game, Temple of Elemental Evil, we suspected the hero’s rolls were pretty cold.  Crediting our new session system, we can look back and run the numbers.  Few could be more geek than D&D and 20-sided die stats!

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ToEE Campaign “A” Adventure 1: Escape (5/1/2016)

Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil,
is the latest addition to our collection.  We begin with a 5-hero campaign, known as Campaign A with  Adventure 1: Escape.

What happened?  We smell acid!  There are only the five of us left.  We have to escape and we’re not very prepared.

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Legend of Drizzt: The Primordial Awakes! (4/23/2016)

It’s been ages,

since we’ve played one of our favorite board games.  After sessions of Castle Ravenloft and Ashardalon, we resurrect Drizzt in an all-out campaign.  From Dungeons and Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt, comes a 5-hero session of Adventure 13: The Primordial Awakes!

Awaken by a  dwarven ghost screaming “Help us,”, Bruenor looks out his balcony to the city of Maegera below.  A giant beast has awakened and only bowls filled with magical waters will extinguish the Fiery Pit.

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