Arkham Horror diaries chapter 1 (11/11/2012)

This is the first chapter of a Arkham Horror game session.  To start reading from the beginning, read the diary’s prologue.

Chapter 1

Darrell Simmons earns $2 and keeps his retainer.

The Graveyard holds great clues, but Kate can’t make it their in one sprint.  She runs to The Witch House and finds 1 clue there.   Vincent heads to the Historical Society and finds a clue.  Darrell goes to Independence Square picks up a pair of clues thanks to his Press Pass.   With his shotgun, Michael sprints to the Graveyard and picks up two clues.

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Axis and Allies 1942: War report round 8 (10/22/2012)

This is a game session report for Axis and Allies 1942 Second Edition.  After seven rounds, the Axis powers rule Europe with a heavy hand.  The Allies find a vulnerability through the Middle East.  Will it be enough to change tides in the war?  Will the Axis take the oil fields?  This war started on October 22, 2012.

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