Imperial Assault: Aftermath (5.27.2018)

Star Wars Imperial Assault,
its first introductory mission is known as “Aftermath”.  With the campaign kicking off May 27, 2018, the rebel heroes selected were; Fenn Signis, Jyn Odan, Mak Eshka’rey, and the Wookie warrior, Gaarkhan.

Warning! Possible spoilers.

Mission Briefing

With the destruction of the Death Star over Yavin 4, a nearby Imperial outpost broadcasts a distress beacon.  The rebellion sends elite operatives to silence the transmission.

The rebels must infiltrate an outpost and destroy all four consoles to disable the beacon. The Empire is supported by Stormtroopers, a Probe Droid, and an Officer.  The rebels only have six rounds to end the transmission.

Mission Journal

The rebels begin with a firefight with outside the doors to the outpost. It may have been risky, but the rebel team plant their feet until they’ve cleared the perimeter of Imperial troops.  Gaarkhan is the first to make it through the door.  Unfortunately, the door closed and sealed behind him.  An Imperial Web Engineer appears to the rear of the rebel team and opens fire.  Fenn is in point blank range of him.  He becomes injured.  Reinforcements arrive in the storage room leaving Gaarkhan defending himself.  The other three must blast through the thick, fortified door.  With time running out, Gaarkhan becomes injured but is able to knock the Stormtroopers back.  It takes his allies two rounds to break through the door while quickly defeating the E-Web Engineer.  When the door is broken through, the heroes rush in and ignore the Imperial troops.  In their final, sixth round, they’re able to destroy the remaining consoles with devastating blaster fire.

End of Mission Log

Imperial forces fall into a hasty retreat. “A New Threat” comes into play.  Gaarkhan upgrades to Wookie Fortitude and the team picks up DL-44 blaster pistol and a Tactical Display modification.

The next side mission is Loose Cannon.

Comments about strategy

For an introductory mission, “Aftermath” seems unfair to the rebels with a short timer of six rounds. Newcomers to the game will be tempted to get into firefights with Imperial troops.  But the objective should never be overlooked and forgotten.  The heroes should run past the troops and take out the consoles.  Don’t worry too much about getting injured. Nor should you be intimidated by the reserved imperial troops.  Just make it to the consoles.  For the Empire, they have one important decision during the session; fortify the consoles or shut the door. In this case, shutting out three of the four heroes seem like a good decision.  Especially, leaving one to fend for themselves inside.  But the Wookie warrior was too strong and managed to stay on his feet.  When the heroes broke in, their ranged weapons made ending the session quick and easier than first thought.

Next side mission: Loose Cannon

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