Temple of Elemental Evil: Adventure 1 Escape (5/1/2016)

Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil,
is the latest addition to our collection.  We begin with a 5-hero campaign, Adventure 1: Escape, that kicked off in May, 2016.

What happened?  We smell acid!  There are only the five of us left.  We have to escape and we’re not very prepared.

Mistakes and omissions may happen.

Ratshadow, Lightfoot Halfling Rogue (14 ac, 8 hp)
His cunning actions and sneaky behaviors puts him lead to navigate through traps.

(2) At-will: Short Sword, Throwing Daggers
(2) Utility: Reliable Talent, Sneaky
(1) Daily: Deadly Assault

Alaeros, Human Fighter (17 ac, 10 hp)
The team’s muscle, Alaeros will be the first to draw blood and is placed second.

(2) At-will: Battle Axe, Dagger
(2) Utility: Battle Master, Action Surge
(1) Daily: Lunging Attack

Nymmestra, Sun Elf Wizard (14 ac, 6 hp)
Her unique skills and ability to change strategy places her in the middle.

(2) At-will: Shocking Grasp, Poison Spray
(2) Utility: True Strike, Dimension Door
(1) Daily: Burning Hands

Barrowin, Gold Dwarf Cleric (16 ac, 8 hp)
Placed fourth, the heroes look to her for her healing powers.

(2) At-will: Warhammer, Light Crossbow
(2) Utility: Light, Cure Wounds
(1) Daily: Radiance of the Dawn

Talon, Human Ranger (15 ac, 8 hp)
Having placed fifth, gives her time to assess the situation and attack from afar when necessary.

(2) At-will: Long Bow, Scimitars
(2) Utility: Danger Sense, Goodberry
(1) Daily Volley

Our five heroes stand at the Massacre Site with exits to the E, S, and W.

Ratshadow (8 hp),
Explores a tile to the south with exits E, and S. (black)
No monster.
Encounter event: Cursed Item.  Without any treasures, there is no effect.

Alaeros (10 hp),
Moves into the tile south and takes an Eastern exit.
Attempts to disarm the trap (6) and takes 4 hp fire damage.  Alaros at 6 hp.
Explores a tile to the east.   (black)
Draws an Air Cultist.
Encounter event: Robber.  A Doppelganger infiltrates Alaeros’s position and the hero is moved to the Massacre Site tile.
The Air Cultist moves one tile west.
The Doppelganger attacks Ratshadow, rolling (17)+4 and hits.  Ratshadow at 7 hp.

Nymmestra (6 hp),
Moves 6 squares/1 tile south, navigating between the Air Cultist and the Doppelganger.  Standing on the southern unexplored edge, she trips the trap: Dud!
With Poison Spray, attacks Air Cultist (18)+5 and defeats it.  Attacks the Doppelganger (9)+5 and defeats it.
+2 XP, 2 total.
Gains treasure fortune: A pouch of copper, +100 gp.
Explores a corner tile with exit E.  (black)
Draws a Troglodyte.
Troglodyte moves adjacent to Nymmestra (20)+5 and strikes her with diseased claws.   Nymmestra at 5 hp and disadvantaged.

Barrowin (8 hp),
Attacks Troglodyte with her light crossbow, (4)+6 and misses.She steps to the west on top of a trap.  It is triggered, EMPTY.
Explores a corner tile with exit south. (black)
No monster.
Encounter event-attack: Chocking Ash.
Barrowin is attacked (18)+7 and is hit.  Barrowin at 7 hp.
With no monster on her tile, none activate.

Talon (8 hp),
With her Long Bow, rolls a (16)+8 and defeats the Troglodyte.
+1 XP, 3 total.
Gains treasure fortune: A Pouch of Copper.  +100 gp.
She steps to the unexplored edge to her east.  Trips a trap: BARE.
Explores a Fire Alter with exits N, E, and S.  (white)
Draws an Earth Cultist and a Doppelganger.
The Doppelganger takes Talon’s place who moves back two squares.
No encounter.
Earth Cultist moves adjacent to Alaeros, (7)+7 and misses.
The Doppelganger attacks Talon (17)+4 and hits.  Talon at 7 hp.

Ratshadow (7 hp),
With a Short Sword attacks the Earth Cultist, (2)+5 and miserably misses.
Moves to the corner tile west at the southern unexplored edge.
With Cunning Action, attempts to disarm the trap.  Fails with a (4) and trips a SPEAR TRAP.  Ratshadow to  4 hp.
Explores a dead end corner tile.  (white)
Draws a second Doppelganger who takes his place.  Ratshadow to the Massacre Site tile.
Doppleganger #1: Moves adjacent to #Barrowin.  (1)+4 and misses.
Doppleganger #2: Attacks Talon, (9)+4 and misses.

Alaeros (6 hp),
With Dagger, attacks the Earth Cultist (8)+10 and hits.  Earth Cultist to 1 hp.
Utility: Battle Master.  No encounter is drawn.

Nymmestra (5 hp and disadvantaged),
Rescuing her friends, returns to the Massacre Site.
Attacks the Earth Cultist and Doppelganger with Poison Spray.
vs Earth Cultist,  (dis 1)+5 and misses.
vs Doppelganger, (9)+5 and hits.   Talon’s Doppelganger card  is removed.
+1 XP, 4 total.
Gains treasure fortune: Adrenaline Surge.  She makes another attack on the Earth Cultist with Shocking Grasp (16)+7 and defeats it.
+3 XP, 7 total.
Encounter event-attack: Sniper Shots.
It is cancelled.  -5 XP, 2 total.
Nymmestra at 5 hp.

Barrowin (7 hp),
Fires at the Doppelganger with her Light Crossbow, (1)+6 and miserably misses.
Moves her max 5 squares to the northern, unexplored edge of the Fire Alter.
Explores a corner tile with exit west. (white)
Draws a Fire Bat.
No encounter.
Fire Bat flies adjacent to her, (5)+5 and misses.

Talon (7 hp),
Attacks the Fire Bat with her Long Bow, (10)+8 and defeats it.
+1 XP, 3 total.
Gains treasure fortune: Bag of Copper.  +100 gp.
Moves across the Fire Alter to the east-most unexplored edge.
Explores a tile with exits N, E, and S. (black)
Draws a Hobgoblin Fighter.
Encounter event: Grasping Tides.  Talon takes 2 damage.
Talon at 5 hp.
The Hobgoblin Fighter moves adjacent to Talon, attacking with its sword.  Rolls (4)+7 and misses.

Ratshadow (4 hp),
With Throwing Daggers, targets two monsters.
vs Doppelganger: (9)+5 and defeats it.
vs Hobgoblin Fighter: (4)+5 and misses.
+1 XP, 4 total.
Gains treasure fortune: Pouch of Copper.  +100 gp.
With Cunning Action, moves twice to the eastern unexplored edge of the tile south of the Fire Alter.
Explores an open passageway with exits N, E, and S. (white)
Draws a Troglodyte, Fire Cultist, and a Bugbear.
Utility: Sneaky.  Bugbear passed to Talon.
No encounter.
Troglodyte moves adjacent and attacks Ratshadow, (4)+5 and misses.
Fire Cultist moves adjacent, but on a different tile, attacking Ratshadow (17)+6 and hits.  Ratshadow to 3 hp.

Alaeros (6 hp),
Moves into the Fire Alter adjacent to both Troglodyte and Fire Cultist.
Attacks Troglodyte with Dagger, (10)+10 and defeats it.
Utility: Action Surge and attacks the Fire Cultist with Dagger.  Rolls (14)+10 and defeats it.
Fire Cultist explodes inflicting 1 hp damage.
Alaeros to 5 hp.
+3 XP, 7 total.
Gains treasure item: Claws of the Umber Hulk.
Encounter event: Fire Scar.
It is cancelled.  -5 XP, 2 total.

Nymmestra (5 hp),
Moves 6 squares, one tile from the Bugbear.
Rolls a (4)+5 and misses with Poison Spray.
Encounter event-attack: Hidden Betrayal.  Attacks Barrowin (4)+4 misses but inflicts -1 hp.  Barrowin at 6 hp.

Barrowin (6 hp),
Moves to the east-most tile to the northern, unexplored edge.
With Light Crossbow, targets the Hobgoblin Fighter.  (8)+6 and misses.
Explores an Oubliette tile with exit east, blocked by traps. (white)
No monsters.
No encounter.

Talon (5 hp),
Moves into the Bugbear’s tile to the eastern, unexplored edge.
With Scimatars, targets it and rolling a (20)+6 inflicting 3 damage.  Bugbear is defeated.
+3 XP, 5 total.
Gains treasure fortune: Clarity.  Ratshadow gains 1 hp.
Ratshadow to 4 hp.
Explores a hallway with exits east. (black)
No monster.
Encounter event: Rage of Imix.  Talon to 3 hp.
Hobgoblin moves adjacent to Barrowin.  Rolls a (5)+5 and misses.

Ratshadow (4 hp),
With Daggers attacks the Hobgoblin, (10)+5 and defeats it.
+2 XP, 7 total.
Gains treasure fortune: Pouch of Copper. +100 gp.
Moves south into Talon’s tile to its unexplored, southern edge.
Explores the final tile in the stack.  It is the Guard Room. (white)

Special Adventure Rules in play.
The Start Tile is placed to the west of the Guard Room.
Draws a Firebat and Gnoll Archer.
No encounter.
Fire Bat moves adjacent to Ratshadow and attacks, (14)+5 and hits.
Gnoll Archer fires an arrow at Ratshadow, (16)+7 and hits.
Ratshadow to 2 hp.

Alaeros (5 hp),
With Lunging Attack, places himself between Fire Bat and the Gnoll.  Rolls a dismal (1) +6.  Bugbear to 1 hp.
Alaeros moves into the Start Tile, tripping an Arrow Trap for 2 hp.
Alaeros to 3 hp.
Encounter event: Cultist Fervor.  A Water Cultist is placed on the Start Tile.
Water Cultist attacks Alaeros (5)+6 and misses.

Nymmestra (5 hp),
Moves into Guard Room.
Utility: True Strike.  She and Ratshadow has Advantage.
Attacks with Poison Spray.
vs. Gnoll Archer (18)+5 and hits.   Uses Overchannel for +1 damage and defeats it.
vs. Fire Bat (adv 10)+5 and hits.
+3 XP, 10 total.
Nymmestra at 4 hp.
Gains treasure fortune: Pouch of Copper.  +100 gp.
Utility: Dimension Door.  Pops into the Start Tile.
Encounter event: Deception.  The Water Cultist moves 2 squares adjacent to her.

Barrowin (6 hp),
Moves twice and enters the Start Tile.
Encounter event: Dark Gift.  Barrowin refuses and takes 1 hp damage.
Barrowin at 5 hp.

Talon (3 hp),
Moves into the Start Tile.
Utility: Goodberry.
Talon to 4 hp.
Alaeros to 4 hp.
Barrowin to 6 hp.
Attacks the Water Cultist (9)+6 and defeats it.
+2 XP, 12 total.
Gains treasure fortune: Pouch of Copper.  +100 gp.
Encounter event: Exposed to the Elements.
It is cancelled.  -5 XP, 7 total.

Ratshadow (2 hp),
He steps into the Start Tile.

The Heroes win with two Healing Surges!


Adding encounter card: Elemental Blessing.
Adding treasure card: Chest of Gold.

Level 1 with 200 gp.

Level 1 with 0 gp and Claws of the Umber Hulk.

Level 1 with 200 gp.

Level 1 with 0 gp.

Level 1 with 300 gp.

Rule clarifications

Do characters get a random treasure item at the start of the adventure 1 or the campaign?
The adventure book has no starting awards section.

If you explore a new tile with no monster sign, do you draw and place a new monster?
No, you do not.  This mercy is made up with other tiles with multiple monster signs.

Do characters carry gold and treasure items into the next adventure or can they bank it?
The rules are ambiguous.  The House Rules consider since it is optional to carry, it is also optional to not take them with you.

Next adventure: Adventure 2 The Cult of Howling Hatred (5.29.2016)

Temple of Elemental Evil: Campaign A

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  1. Charles Barchuk says:

    Hey there. I had a question concerning Ratshadow during this game: On turn 3, when Ratshadow used sneaky, shouldn’t the bugbear been passed to Alaeros instead of Talon?

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