Axis and Allies 1941: Opening moves (5/19/2014)


A lightning assault captures the Philippines for the Japanese Empire.

A new game session of Axis and Allies 1941 kicks off.  Will it be faster and more furious as  “1941” is known for?  We’ll document each powers’ strategy.   The war began on May 19th, 2014.

House rules allow deployment of reinforcements greater than IPC value of territory.

Round 1 Soviet Union

“We have to make a push into Ukraine.  The German armor units stationed there must be destroyed.”

IPC board: RU 7, GE 12, UK 12, JA 9, US 15

Purchase units
With 7 IPC, acquires 2 infantry (cost 6, left with 1)

Combat move
Caucasus into Ukraine: 3 infantry, 1 armor
Russia into Ukraine: 1 armor
Archangel into West Russia: 3 infantry
Russia into West Russia: 3 infantry, 1 fighter

Battle for Ukraine
Germany repels the Soviet advance.  All attackers lost.
Germany left with 1 infantry, 2 armor

Battle for West Russia
Soviets capture West Russia with 4 infantry
1 fighter lands in Caucasus
Gains +1 IPC (RU 8) from Germany (GE 11)

Non-combat move
Seazone-4 to sz-6: 1 sub

Mobilize and collect income
Caucasus: 2 infantry
With 1 IPC in hand, collects 8 for a total of 9 IPC.

Round 1 Germany

“The Caucasus is vulnerable and will strike there while holding Soviets at West Russia.  Meanwhile, we will invest in our Africa strategy.”

IPC board: RU 8, GE 11, UK 12, JA 9, US 15

Purchase units
With 12 IPC, acquires 2 infantry, 1 armor (cost 12, left with 0)

Combat move
Ukraine into Caucasus: 1 infantry, 2 armor
Eastern Europe into Caucasus: 1 armor
Eastern Europe into West Russia: 4 infantry, 1 armor
Germany into West Russia: 1 bomber
Sea zone-11 into sz-9: 1 sub easily sinks the American transport off the Eastern U.S. seaboard
Sea zone-5 into sz-8: 1 battleship, 1 sub
Western Europe into sz-8: 1 fighter
Germany into sz-8: 1 fighter
Sea zone-16 into sz-14: 1 sub

Battle for sea zone-8
German strikes British battleship with surprise hit
Germany sinks the British fleet.  2 German fighters land in Germany.

Battle for sea-zone-14
The United Kingdom sinks the German sub

Battle for West Russia
Germany recaptures West Russia with 2 infantry, 1 armor
Bomber returns to Germany
Germany gains +1 IPC  (GE 12) from the Soviet Union (RU 7)

Battle for Caucasus
Germany overruns and captures Caucasus with 1 infantry, 3 armor
Germany gains +2 IPC (GE 14) from the Soviet Union (RU 5)

Non-combat move
Southern Europe (sz-16) to North Africa (sz-16): 1 transport offloads 2 infantry
Germany to Southern Europe: 2 infantry
Germany to Eastern Europe: 1 infantry

Mobilize and collect income
Germany: 2 infantry, 1 armor
With 0 IPC in hand, collects 14 for a total of 14 IPC.

Round 1 United Kingdom

“Let’s destroy the German navy!”

IPC board: RU 5, GE 14, UK 12, JA 9, US 15

Purchase units
With 12 IPC, acquires 4 infantry (cost 12, left with 0)

Combat move
AE Sudan into Northern Africa: 2 infantry, 1 armor
Eastern Canada (sz-10) into Northern Africa (sz-14): 1 transport offloads 1 armor
Sea zone-14 into sea zone-16: 1 fighter
Sea zone-10 into sea zone-11: 1 destroyer
United Kingdom into sea zone-8: 1 fighter, 1 bomber
Sea zone-29 into sea zone-31: 1 destroyer
India into sea zone-31: 1 fighter

Amphibious battle for Northern Africa
Germany repels the United Kingdom with 1 infantry, 1 armor

Sea battle at sz-16
Germany repels the UK with 1 destroyer, 1 transport

Sea battle at sz-11
United Kingdom sinks the German sub with 1 transport

Sea battle at sz-8
German sub submerges
United Kingdom sinks the German battleship with 1 bomber (lands in the United Kingdom)

Sea battle at sz-31
Battle ends in a drawUK left with 1 fighter and lands in India
Japan left with 1 sub

Non-combat move
India (sz-29) to Egypt (sz-28): 1 transport (1 infantry)
India to Middle East (1 infantry)
South Africa to Belgian Congo: 1 infantry

Mobilize and collect income
India: 3 infantry
Australia: 1 infantry
With 0 IPC in hand, collects 12 for a total of 12 IPC.

Round 1 Japan

“Japan must do more than under achieving but not over-committing.   We will invest in Asia while distracting the United States.”

IPC board: RU 5, GE 14, UK 12, JA 9, US 15

Purchase units
With 9 IPC, acquires 2 infantry (cost 6, left with 3).

Combat move
Manchuria captures Northwest China with 2 infantry from the United States (zero IPC)
Sea zone-31 into sea-zone-28: 1 sub sinking an unprotected British sub there.
Sea zone-45 into sea-zone-40: 1 battleship, 1 carrier with 2 fighters
Japan into sea-zone-40: 1 bomber
Sea zone-46 into Philippines sea-zone-38: 1 carrier and fighter, 1 destroyer, 1 transport (2 infantry from Japan)

Amphibious battle for the Philippines
Japan overruns and captures Philippines with 2 infantry
Japan gains +1 IPC (JA 10) from the United States (US 14)
Fighter lands on carrier

Battle at sea zone-40
Japan sinks the US battleship with 1 battleship, 1 carrier with 2 carriers

Non-combat move
Japan (sz-45) to Manchuria (sz-45): 1 transport bridges 1 infantry, artillery
Japan to Manchuria: 1 fighter

Mobilize and collect income
Japan: 2 infantry
With 3 IPC in hand, collects 10 for a total of 13 IPC.

Round 1 United States

“Japan is a threat!  We also have to counter the German machine in Africa.”

IPC board: RU 5, GE 14, UK 12, JA 10, US 14

Purchase units
With 15 IPC, acquires 2 infantry, 1 transport (cost 13, left with 2).

Combat move

Non-combat move
Western US to Western Canada: 2 infantry
Eastern US to sz-14: 1 fighter landing on United Kingdom carrier
Eastern US to Western US: 1 bomber

Mobilize and collect income
Western US: 2 infantry
Eastern US: 1 transport
With 2 IPC in hand, collects 14 for a total of 16 IPC.

Round 1 ends
IPC board: RU 5, GE 14, UK 12, JA 10, US 14

The Axis has the momentum as both Germany and Japan carving up eastern Europe and Asia.  It’s up to the United States to break into Africa while holding off the Japanese Empire from being too close to U.S. shores.

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