The Leprechaun

The Leprechaun,

is a mischievous addition to the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual I.  Pulled from Irish folklore, D&D lore kept faithful to the stories we see and hear too much on cartoons.

“… will attempt to mislead its captor into believing he is giving over his treasure while he actually is duping the captor.”

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Dungeons and Dragons: Wight

The Wight,

is an enigmatic entry from the tome of Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual I.  A loathsome creature of the undead, its a step up from the zombie or the underappreciated skeleton.  With powers that could drain the life of a hero and the take the life of the party at the table.

“… are most evil and hateful, seeking to destroy any life form they encounter.”

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ToEE Campaign “A” Adventure 4: Assault on the Haunted Keep (11.27.2016)

Assault on the Haunted Keep,
is an adventure from Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil board game and part of the series Campaign A.   It is a 5-hero adventure starring your favorite heroes from the game.  Follow their progress, in one of the most horribly rolled session in recent history.

You’ve tracked the doppelgangers’ allies to this ruined keep, but the telltale signs of the elemental cultists are everywhere.  This threat can’t be left unchallenged!

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Betrayal at House on the Hill: Session (10.16.2016)

2016-10-16_betrayal-aJust in time for Halloween,
we break out Betrayal at House on the Hill.  It’s a game session of four.  The professor takes three mental patients out on a late night field trip.  What could go wrong?  The answer is most everything.  Read carefully how the house betrays hero and villains alike.  This session concluded on October 16, 2016.

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Star Wars Rebellion: Game session (9/14/2016)

starwarsrebellion-20160914aStar Wars: Rebellion joins our collection,
and we celebrate the galactic struggle with a game session journal.  Will Luke be a Jedi?  Will Admiral Ackbar scream “It’s a trap!”?  Is Darth Vader warming up the Carbonite machine?  It may not be the original trilogy, but the game session is dated September 14, 2016.
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ToEE Campaign “A” Adventure 3: Rotten in Red Larch (7/22/2016)

Rotten in Red Larch,

is the third campaign adventure of Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil board game.  Continuing Campaign A , another 5-hero quest to find doppelganger agents.

The cult looks to have infiltrated Red Larch.  Some of the townsfolk have been replaced by its agents.  Track and eliminate them!

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Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness diary chapters 4-6 (6/4/2016)

After 3 chapters of Mountains of Madness,

Our team of investigators travel the globe for mysteries, adventures, and expeditions.  Gates and monsters are kept to a minimum, but solving their first mystery is elusive as Gnoph-Keh are ruthless monsters!  Follow the fourth chapter and beyond.   This session began on June 4, 2016.

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