Scooby Doo: The Spirited Spooked Sports Show

Scooby Doo meets Tim Conway,
at Velma’s old high school.  As Mystery Inc. tries to save the school’s athletic program, Tim Conway is trying to save his career.  An important fund raising event is in jeopardy when a ghastly and very sentient school athlete returns from the supernatural world and haunts the campus.  During an age long before legalizing betting to benefit state school programs, comes a timeless lesson about spending tax dollars on education and making the tax dollars from gambling revenues.  From The New Scooby Doo Movies forgotten episodes, it’s “The Spirited Spooked Sports Show”.

The guest star

Tim Conway tries method acting by playing the part of an athletic coach.

The gang visits Velma’s high school where many things have changed since.

The villain, the mystery, and the technology

The Spirit of Fireball McPhan haunts the school’s athletic program. Once a great, but disgraced, athlete, he loathes modern athletes who threaten his records.

A real estate scheme that plans to raze the school and replace it with a racing track.

Remote operated pop corn machine doubling as a spiritual projector.  Bulldozers are also remote controlled.

Jesse Finster and the evil twin of Mr. Griffith, unmasked.

Unanswered questions of curiosity

Daphe’s botched make up.

Is it just me? Or does Jesse Finster look like a larger double of Stephen King?

McPhan, looks older than his high school days, protects his legacy from children half his age.

Final thoughts

Not a terrible episode, Tim Conway puts together a voice performance that captures his humility and humble personality.  It’s a little different episode that features a few deceiving suspects and revealing the mystery and what’s at stake early.  It’s too bad the Conway estate wouldn’t consent releasing the episode on DVD as it’s better and far above many of the forbidden and nearly forgotten episodes.

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