Scooby Doo: Wednesday is Missing

Scooby Doo meets the Addams Family,
and hilarity ensues!  Suckered into taking a position as housekeepers, Fred and the gang lose track of Wednesday.  While searching through the secret passages of the Addams family mansion, the gang also must solve the appearance of a giant vulture threatening the gang and the family.  “Wednesday is Missing” is not part of the best of The New Scooby Doo Movies collection.  But that isn’t stopping us from re-discovering classic television.

The guest stars

The Addams Family reprise their roles with many from the original cast.

Scooby and the gang spend their nights at the Addams mansion as seen on television!

The villain, the mystery, and the technology

The Vulture is attracted to high altitude places of the macabre and finds home at the Addams Family mansion. It also has abilities to levitate objects and drop mail shaped as giant, Vulture eggs.

Wednesday’s disappearance (and soon rescued) is part of an underhanded prank to gentrify the neighborhood.

Highly magnetized steel squares. In the 1970’s the size of the cube was considered tiny and invisible.

The “Housekeepers”, unmasked inside their flying hovercraft disguised as the Vulture.

Unanswered questions of curiosity

When Fred looks back into the Mystery Machine to look for Shaggy, we get to see the back of a bus on a bright, clear day. Notice the passenger side windows.

Pugsley Addams, voiced by Jodie Foster!

Ling-Poo should really get together with Shaggy.

In the face of danger, Shaggy makes a rare prayer with a Christian reference.

Wait a minute! Is this a parrot trained to imitate the mailman? Or is really the mailman changed into a bird and left behind by Pugsley?

Final thoughts

“Wednesday is Missing” is a one of the most relaxed episodes of the series, and a crossover.  We see what would happen if the myth-busting Mystery Inc. would meet the mysterious, kooky world of The Addams Family.  Science and reason take a holiday as humor blinds us to the otherwise contradictory logic the episode tells.  The antagonists sell themselves as naive but super-geniuses disguised behind their modest clothing.  But they could ranked as mean as any of the other The New Scooby Doo Movies villains.

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