Columbo: Arlene Martell

Paying homage to Arlene Martell (1936-2014),
she made multiple appearances in Columbo.   We take a look at her contributions to Columbo and pop-culture, including a couple surprises.

We know her as Gloria West from “The Greenhouse Jungle”

As Gloria West, Arlene plays the naive and harmless receptionist.  Living in home beyond her means, she spends time reading relaxation books between therapy sessions with Tony Goodland.  Her lack of character judgement almost cost her life when mean, Jarvis was one trigger pull away from his second murder.  Poor Gloria will not see a dime of the reward money.

She’s most famous as Spock’s Vulcan bride, T’Pring, in Star Trek

In dark hair and groomed eye brows, Arlene is almost unrecognizable playing the infamous and deviously logical bride of Spock, T’Pring in the the Star Trek episode, “Amok Time”.   Earning the nickname “The Chameleon”, Arlene was skilled in voicing different accents, something she took good advantage of.

With one scene, played the saleswoman in “The Friend in Deed”

As a saleswoman trying to sell $25 watchbands, Arlene’s character was a dignified staff member of one of the most prestigious jewelry stores in Los Angeles.  Losing the New York accent, sporting dark hair with tres chic attitude, she’s doesn’t resemble Gloria West at all.

Credited, but unseen, in “Double Exposure”

Have you ever wondered who exactly was the mysterious corporate spy, Tanya, in “Double Exposure”?  Look no further than the credits!  Yes, it was Arlene Martell as Robert Culp’s unseen mistress.  Though credited, she is unseen as her scenes were left on the cutting room floor.  If it had to happen, the pun works best here.

Had appeared with Robert Culp in The Outer Limits

“Double Exposure”, an episode from 1973, wasn’t the only television show she would share with Robert Culp.  In 1964, she appeared in The Outer Limits episode, “Demon with a Glass Hand”.

Read more about Arlene Martell on IMDb.

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