Scooby Doo: The Weird Winds of Winona

Scooby Doo meets Speed Buggy,
in the deserted village of Winona.  An unexpected fender bender takes the Mystery Machine off the streets and the Speed Buggy crew out of competition.  Stranded in the dwindling town, everyone has their eyes on Oceanside.  Both teams join forces to solve a mystery of fantastic winds and weird real estate plans.  From The New Scooby Doo Movies, “The Weird Winds of Winona”.

The guest star


Self-aware machine, Speed Buggy, and its masters; Mark, Debbie, and Tinker.



The spooky village of Winona: population 10.

The villain, the mystery, and the technology


The Windmakers; North, South, East and West. They enjoy a good game of cards while not calling hurricane force winds on the tiny town of Winona.


Property speculation by scaring off property owners for a cheap sale.


A self-propelled wind machine capable of boring tunnels.


Bank President, P. J. Peabody, unmasked.

Unanswered questions of curiosity


Isn’t this the cheapest promotional brochure, ever?


Daphne is horribly disfigured. Click on image to enlarge.

Final thoughts

Just a terrible episode and a cross-over at that.  Having never bought into stuttering Speed Buggy, this episode was self-aware to poke fun of itself as it takes extreme technology to its limits.  I watched this no less than 10 painful times to care enough to note the elements.  This marks my least favorite of the series.

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